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Looking for a high-end plugin that tracks your players' data? Look no further!

There are a few similar plugins out there, and they track a decent amount of data, however, Statistics takes it a step further and completely overhauls the stats tracking, bringing the amount of information collected to a staggering amount. Name a data point, and we are probably tracking it. This plugin was made to be highly customizable; it will do only what you tell it to do.


Server Statistics:

  • Startup and shutdown times
  • Current server status
  • Uptime statistics
  • Total gameplay
  • Online players
  • .... and more!

World Statistics:

  • Distance Travelled
  • PVP, PVE, natural deaths
  • Blocks played and broken
  • Items picked up, dropped, used, eaten, etc.
  • .... and more!

Player Statistics:

  • Player inventory
  • Health, hunger, experience
  • Armour rating
  • Game mode
  • Words said, command sent
  • Login and logout times
  • Time spent on the server
  • Distance travelled
  • Detailed kills and deaths
  • ... and more!

Plugin Statistics:

  • Vault (Money, Groups)
  • ... more coming soon!


  • All Statistics are displayed on an homepage
  • Statistics can be displayed ingame on an scoreboard
  • Statistics can be displayed ingame in an Book


  • PHP 5.3.2 or greater
    • GD2 library
    • cURL library
    • fsockopen
  • MySQL 5.5 or greater
    • InnoDB support
    • remote connections allowed




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