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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2


Additions (1.8.4) for 1.6.2
+Works for 1.6.2
+Bug fixes and the big bug fix has an actually solution now.

Additions (1.8.4) for 1.5.2
+Works for 1.5.2.
+Droideka now actually shoots and rolls, still no force field though.

Additions (1.8.4) for 1.5.1
+All items now on /sw give
+Hopefully a fix for the bug everyone is having :(. If you are still having a problem, delete your config, update to Java 7.21, get the latest CraftBukkit beta build and install this.

Additions (1.8.3) for 1.5.1
+ /sw give (blue_lightsaber, green_lightsaber,red_lightsaber,purple_lightsaber, blaster,sniper_blaster,jump_boots,speed_jump_boots) [amount (optional)] - More Items will be added over time.
+ Finally a way to store buildings efficiently: A new house on Tatooine.
+ Droidekas (Very buggy atm) see Crafting for the spawner item.
+ Configurable Force Flight speed (So delete and let the config regenerate)
+ Compatibility for 1.5.1 and other plugins that make you fly (E.g. Hero-Universe)

Additions (1.8.2) for 1.5
+ Literally, as Bukkit says, "It Compiles"
+ When you craft a blaster, you no longer become a clone.
+ Some random bug fixes
+ Also, force suits. This has been in a while I must of forgot to say

Additions (1.8.2)
+ Purple Lightsaber, like normal only purple die.
+Thermal Detonator-> Recipe has changed and now gives you a snowball-> Item when you throw it you can pick it up and it won't go off.-> Delay left click and change the delay to up to 5 seconds.(default is 0 seconds)
+ Space Beer -> Wheres off -> It will reverse your speech on drink.
+ C3P0 -> Works like R2, but with out a crafting table, furnace or the ships. -> Make it gold on the bottom, gold on top, and a fence either side. Put the middle gold block last (so break it and replace) -> Has a 53 space inventory
+Configurable Machine Gun
+Ship Console -> Sign with [SHIP] on the second line, then follow the instructions in game. -> Chests either side is where you put the material ( can be any amount) -> Right click the bottom right sign to generate the ship
+ Dark side conversion -> If you kill a villager, player or baby villager you will start turning to the dark side. ->The more you kill the faster it goes. When you kill young villagers it goes faster -> When killing villagers they say things (permissions).
+ Spelling corrections ( thanks JMaxchill )
+ Seismic charges launch in a plane and only shoot one firework for effect.
+ /starwars can now be used for for the starwars variations of the normal command. The only one ATM in /starwars tp <player> <planet nickname> [x] [y] [z]

Additions (1.8)
+ Easy to get force discs (Config). You can find a few force discs by breaking leaves, grass, sand and logs.
+ Holograms, four iron bars with a beacon in the middle. It will create an image of you on top. If you right click on the beacon but don’t click any of the stone and close it, you will see the blocks around you. If you hover over the stone, you can see it has a name by it. You can click on the stone to see that person and then do the same as before to see the blocks around them. Remove the hologram by destroying the beacon. Do not try to interact with the hologram, you will be kicked off the server because I didn’t put an interact manager on the hologram.
+ Space Beer (You can craft this but I couldn’t decide what effect it should give.)
+ Force Suits
+ Gravity sources and anti-gravity in space. Put a sign down with [GRAVITY] on the second line and on Minecraftia you will be sucked towards it and in Space, which is now antigravity, it will create a gravity field so it will feel like being on Minecraftia.
+ Scarlacc pits, like Gravity sources only will kill you when you are close enough [SANDPIT] on the second line. Will eventually randomly spawn.
+ Jawas. On Tatooine there is a 1/20 chance they will take something from a chest and put it in their den at x= 0 y=130 z=0. When you get closer than 50 blocks of the base they will send a soldier out to fight you.
+ Grappling Hook smooth pull. Left click as normal to fire the arrow and then right click to get pulled towards it. Right click again to lower yourself down.
+ R2 Inventory 14 slots to use and extra options such as a lever which when you click turns r2 off/on (doesn’t move, but can be teleported), a Furnace for smelting and a Crafting table for, well crafting.
+ Permissions for 90% of things.
+ Lots of Bug Fixes
+ Classes power up and Class use in holograms (You can only see people who are the same class as you).
+ Proper throw of Lightsaber (shift and left click on where you want your Lightsaber to go) and shearing of the block it lands on. Be warned, it is possible to pick up the Lightsaber when it is on the ground.
+ /swrank <player> <class> Used for changing the class quickly. The player has to be online /swrank by its self to see the classes available, /swrank <player> to see their class.
+ More tweaks on Forces such as particle effects and fixes.
+ More Tatooine features have been added and the generation bug should be gone
+ Extra Config options, mentioned above.
+ Pre-crafting a hyperspace core. Craft like a crafting bench with two books on the bottom, then place it. When you click on it, it will show you the 9x9 crafting of the hyperspace ring. You can leave and come back however if you don’t have the materials, and a friend can help you make it. Once it is done click the top of the crafting table (don’t click it normally!) several times (if the inventory comes up just esc) until it drops on the floor. Do not place the hyperspace core! You can however use the pre-crafting bench again. To use the hyperspace core, just click r2 with it when you would normally click with the normal crafting bench, but this time it won’t open the crafting table.
+ Drones put a sign down with [DRONE] on the second line. Control it by running around. It will naturally go down after a while so jump to make it go up. Right/left click shoots/switches your view to the one of the drone.
- WIP training.
+ Sound bomb (radius 10) Craft like a stone axe, only the cobble replaced with actual stone and it has to face left. The two middle slots on the right and left need to have Redstone in them. Right click on a block to use. Has a firework effect.
+ Lightsaber damage multiplier in the Config.
+ Bobbyqwerty0987 joins the team as a designer.
+ Mars610 joins the team as a designer.

Changes (
+ Featuring the new awesome 4 part version name!
- Unfortunately this won't always be around.
+ Compatibility with 1.4.7 CraftBukkit
+ All planets are in the config.
Bukkit is updating quite fast at the moment so I may not be able to keep up. If I get more than 2 days behind feel free to spam the comments.

Bug Fixes(1.7.2)
-> R2 can now be clicked from all sides.
-> Most creations like ships, cloning machines, speeders etc will generate/steer in the right direction. This includes the lever in the small ship always being "flickable"
-> The config now actually shows in the game a.k.a you can actually disable the aspects.
-> New config option for whether there is space or not. it is fine to disable space for the time being but eventually you will be missing a lot of features :)
-> The speeder controls much better. Short cut left click to go/stop and right click to shoot.
-> Still some bug fixes left in the plugin, but I thought this would be enough for the time being- don't forget to ticket/pm any other bugs as they will be fixed straight away.

+ Lots more Forces :All discs are now filled up. This includes force sense, force sphere, force poison, force fly (VERY hard to control) and force stealth. You can also now stop slow arrows with force repulse.
+ Compatibility with the latest version of CraftBukkit (Dev Build).
+ Video tutorials coming soon.

+ Remote Control clones- Craft the leggings like leather ones, but with redstone in the middle. When wearing these, you can left/right click where you want your army to go. Aiming doesn't really work like this, though. Just kill the middle clone to get the army to be yours again.
+ Force Mind trick now makes all mobs have the potion effect, and they all just suddenly start walking east. ( This is intended. Eventually it will randomly pick where they go, maybe towards a cliff or even towards and start fighting an enemy)
+ Metrics has been included, purely for the purpose of my own good. IF you want to see the graphs ETC pm me.

+ Jedi Breathers - like a clone glider, only with sponges on top and bottom of the redstone. Allows for surviving underwater.
+ Force Grip has been redone. Anything you grip will stay where you are looking until you click on it again. When gripping blocks, gravity will apply to it.
+ Force Repulse has been added. Pretty much what it says on the tin, hurts enemies very little. Disc "11"
+ Lightsaber throw now effects EVERY mob in the area. It seems to have been avoiding every other one.

+ A new size of force field has been added. Put a gold block on top of an iron block and then a redstone torch on top. put a lever on one side a flick it to make a force field with radius 10.
+ You can go through force fields by right clicking on the wall of it.
+ Force Push has been improved! Pushing a mob/player won't push them through blocks, and when clicking on blocks, you will start to charge up your push, and then right click again to push the block/blocks. However much charge have will change the effect on the block. You can now also push water and you can be upto 50 blocks away from a block and still push it.
+ Everyone now has a Class (a.k.a Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Clone) Depending on the most recent object you have crafted. This doesn't effect anything at the moment but there is an option in the config (so delete it and reload your server to get the new option) to display the class or not.

+ Compatability with 1.4.6
+ Lightsabers have been improved again! Now you can have proper light saber duels due to lots of new features. Just have a play.
+ Items now have a name in the Crafting table, and Lightsabers have coloured (colored) names.
+ Lightsaber throw is now with SHIFT and LEFT_CLICK and deals more damage. It is still configurable though.
+ Clone Gliders-acts like a combination between a jetpack and force boots. See Crafting->
+ Force Fields have an improved shape and feature range.
- No more lore on items :(
- Lightsaber glow has been removed until a better version can be put in. Possibly with firework lighting for colours :D .
- A lot more bug fixes and efficient code-ization.
-> Please don't forget to give more ideas whenever you think of them, and write on the forums.

+ Clones
+ Hatch bug fixed
+ Force Fields
+ Config Options
+ Sniper rifles and Blaster rifles have straight shots

+ A new world-Space - Obsidian in the hyperspacering
+ R2 ships can now fly! Use a wooden spade and right click in the direction you want to go. Your speed increases to up to 10 blocks a click! left click to reduce your speed to 1 block when landing. If you come in to fast you will crash into the ground.
- Your speed will increase a lot so you may fall out of your ship if there is any lag.
- Two of the three ships will rotate. This should be fine on little jumps of 1-3 blocks a second but if you have any more you might fall out of the ship.
+ R2 ships now have more commands. The smaller ships have levers and repeaters. The different settings on the repeater will do different things, but the only one currently enabled is cockpit opening/closing. To do this change to the repeater to 3 ticks and then right click on the lever in the cockpit with the wooden spade.
+ A bases of cloning has been added if you put a sign down with the correct text on, although clones will not follow you, and they might try to kill you!

- Blocking with a Lightsaber has been dramatically improved! Now when you block it will protect you from attacks and arrows but not from environmental damage such as lava.
Also, when someone fires an arrow at you you can deflect it back at them!
- Force powers can be bound to an inventory slot by left clicking.
- Some more bugs fixed with R2 and his ships. Now you can break the iron bars but they will regenerate in 5 seconds, and you cannot place blocks on any ship except the Hyperspace ring.
- More item names have been added.

- Items now have Starwars names(and Description)! - Once Crafted, click on the result to apply the name!
- Small chance there was an issue with R2. Fixed now.
- New Jet-pack/ Refined Jet-pack effects

- ForceMindTrade. - Right click on villagers with the mind-trick disc. Enjoy.

- Speeders - Complete with gun and chair-
- Bounty Hunter equipment.
- More Planets- But unfinished.
- More content on Tatooine -

- Updated for 1.3.1 even though it already worked....
- Green lightsabres made with Emerald Blocks now

-> Hyperspace rings and all that nonsense to get to them. Check the page
-> Nothing else at the moment becuase I am waiting for 1.3. Still some more planets though.

->Added a permission for never running out of force power "starwars.fullforce"
->Added Green+Red lightsabers. You craft like the original one, but gold blocks for Red and (temporarily) Iron blocks for green.I am going to change to emeralds/emerald blocks when they come out.
-> Added "Jet Packs". See crafting page.
-> Added R2 "Home from Home" Click him with wood to make a small working base.
-> Added more help.
-> Fixed Glowing lightsaber problems.
-> Fixed Millenium Falcon.
-> Very close to New worlds!

->LightSaber now glowing is now in config.
->/SW or /Starwars added more help.
->Completly Re-Writen R2 code so it is very efficient and almost never dies. You will lose him if you reload the server though. The way not to lose him is to exit and reload from console

->LightSaber now glows in the dark when holding it.
->/SW or /Starwars spawns a helpful "droid" and provides help for that user
->Fixed crafting permissions
->Sorted some more R2 bugs
-> Lightsaber Throw
-> Bit of programming Which leads to... THE Millenium Falcon

->LightSaber(Enchanted sword(level 100 sharpness))-Cafting below.
...........->You can block attacks with the LightSaber for 5 seconds(including other LightSabers).
-> BlasterRifle(Enchanted bow(Level 100 power and infinity arrows))-Crafting below.
->Force-see bottom for how to use...Lightning,grip, push, choke, mind trick, jump and speed
..........-> Added Force boots for jump and speed. See crafting.
-> Permissions
-> Jmaxchill joined the team
-> R2-D2-see below for more information -Added X-wing-Added gravity!!!

->LightSaber(Enchanted sword(level 100 sharpness))-Cafting below.
...........->You can block attacks with the LightSaber for 5 seconds(including other LightSabers).
-> BlasterRifle(Enchanted bow(Level 100 power and infinity arrows))-Crafting below.
->Force-see bottom for how to use...Lightning,grip, push, choke, mind trick, jump and speed
..........-> Added Force boots for jump and speed. See crafting.
-> Permissions
-> DodgeDude123 joins the team
-> R2-D2-see below for more information
-Added removal for ships(right click on R2 again)-Also added no duplication of blocks from ships.
-> Sorted duribility Bug for force boots
-> Changed Force grip to right click block, to pick up, and right click air to make it reappear. I consider this a much better movement, and I will not do anymore work on it.

->LightSaber(Enchanted sword(level 100 sharpness))-Cafting below.
...........->You can block attacks with the LightSaber for 5 seconds(including other LightSabers).
-> BlasterRifle(Enchanted bow(Level 100 power and infinity arrows))-Crafting below.
->Force-see bottom for how to use...Lightning,grip, push, choke, mind trick, jump and speed
..........-> Added Force boots for jump and speed. See crafting.
-> Permissions
-> DodgeDude123 joins the team
-> R2-D2-see below for more information

-> LightSaber
-> BlasterRifle
-> Force powers- Grip, push, and lightning.
-> Permissions!

+- A New Chat is in use, but may not be compatible with HeroChat etc. (This is in the Config, and needs a special permission to use anyway.)