A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Steve walks through a forest, wondering what tree to punch, when his path is blocked by zombies. He takes out his Blue Lightsaber and quickly kills the zombies by a hit each. Once he gets home, he sees a creeper and hides. The creeper is about to explode but Steve jumps out and force-pushes it into a lava pit. He then activates a force field to protect his house. Suddenly a wave of lava comes past. He quickly uses his R2-D2 to make a ship and flies away to another planet.

And all these powers and more can be downloaded with only one file!

A Mod is inspired by Starwars(TM)and allows to mimic Star wars abilities

*Optional texture pack* - Makes everything appear how it should


This mod is still being worked on. Please help it develop by giving me suggestions and bugs to fix.
Bold = New feature Italics = Might be removed

->LightSaber-> Blue, Green, Purple or Red Lightsabers (Diamond,Iron, Stone or Gold swords with very powerful enchantments
-> You can block with a Lightsaber and it will block all attacks but not environmental damage like lava.
-> You can deflect arrows back
-> You can configure how much damage it does with a multiplier
-> It can configurable glow in the dark
-> It can be thrown where you are looking to damage everything there.
-> When fighting with other Lightsabers it won't deal as much damage so you can have a longer fight.
->BlasterRifle-> Blaster rifle, sniper rifle and a Machine gun
-> Blaster rifle and sniper rifle both have powerful enchantments
-> Blaster rifle and sniper rifle both have straight shots, so can aim over great distances
-> Blaster rifle can launch a grappling hook arrow, and when it lands you can wind in by right clicking. Right click again to go down
-> Sniper rifles can be zoomed in by left clicking. Start Breaking a block to zoom out, but it will naturally after a while
->Machine gun take 5 seconds to wind up, and then it has continuous shots until you right click again.WARNING this may cause lag if it is left firing for over 5 minutes. If you have lost the gun, reload the server the sever to stop the firing.- Machine guns default to off in the config.
->Force-> Page
-> The Records in the inventory are the force discs
-> Starting essentially from record_6 being force grip, you have force push as 7, force lightning as 8, force choke as 9, force mind trick as 10, force repulse as 11,force stealth as 12 and then 1 as Force sphere, 2 is force slow, 3 is force poison, 5 is force fly(with a configurable speed)
-> All Force powers are right click activated, and some have different effects when you hold shift
-> See the page for how to use all the force discs properly
-> Easy to get force discs (Config). You can find a few force discs by breaking leaves, grass, sand and logs.
->R2-D2 and Ships
-> Page
-> Follows you around
-> Click his head to enable hover mode(Can't go up, but doesn't go down.)
-> Click on the ground twice or three times to teleport him to you
-> R2 D2 opens iron doors when you left click on them
-> R2 Inventory, when you right click him, he opens an inventory with 14 slots to use and extra options such as a lever which when you click turns r2 off/on (doesn’t move, but can be teleported), a Furnace for smelting and a Crafting table for, well crafting.
-> R2 D2 Makes different spaceships with different blocks which can fly with a wooden spade (Left click for slow, right for fast).
-> Ships also have different commands by adjusting the repeater and then right clicking with the spade on the central lever
C3P0-> Works the same as R2-D2 but cannot make ships
-> Is made by to gold blocks on top of each other and two fences either side. Replace the center gold block to create the C3P0
-> Right click on the bottom block to open its 54 block inventory (excluding the turning off lever)
-> Break the bottom block to destroy the droid
->Pre-crafting a hyperspace core.-> Craft like a crafting bench with two books on the bottom, then place it.
-> When you click on it, it will show you the 9x9 crafting of the hyperspace ring (you can then craft it as normal)
-> You can leave and come back however if you don’t have the materials, or a friend can help you make it.
-> Once it is done click the top of the crafting table (don’t click it normally!) several times (if the inventory comes up just esc) until it drops on the floor. Do not place the hyperspace core!
-> To use the hyperspace core, just click r2 with it when you would normally click with the normal crafting bench, but this time it won’t open the crafting table.
->Other worlds-> Page
-> New Worlds you can travel to using Hyper Space Rings- Check this page for finding out how to create them
-> Planets are: Tatooine(Sand), The Moon of Endor(log), Space(Obsidian)-Can also be accessed just by flying up, Kamino (water).
-> On Tatooine (Page) you can find force powers and lightsabers, and underground Sith powers also there is a randomly generating building, part of a future Mos Eisley
->Bounty Hunters
-> Page
-> Armour and equipment
-> Jet Packs gives you the ability to fly like creative
-> Helmets- Required for homing rockets.
-> Leggings-Required for thermal detonators
-> Boots
-> Thermal detonator launcher. Will explode on impact.
-> Homing Rocket launcher. When shot will home on to the nearest entity.
-> Page
-> Complete with gun and chair-
-> You can fly very fast over great distances.
-> Use a sign with the phrase [CM] on the second line to get a cloning machine.
-> Get the army to shoot by right clicking with the Blaster rifle
-> Iron armour lets you have 48 clones and leather armour 24
-> Clone Gliders act like a combination between a jetpack and force boots
-> Use Clone remote to click where you want your army to go and not have to worry about getting hurt yourself
->Force Fields
-> Build 2 iron blocks on top of each other or iron then gold (for different sizes) with a redstone torch on top.
-> Put a lever on different sides and flick it until it says "forcefield deactivating", and flick the lever again to turn it on.
-> You can go through force fields by right clicking on the wall of it.
->Classes-> (a.k.a Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Clone) Depending on the most recent object you have crafted. This only affects your power-up and who you can call on Holograms.
-> There is an option in the config to display the class or not.
-> Classes have power ups, /swrank to see what they are.
-> Use /swrank to change ranks.
->/SW or /Starwars-> You can then use the default commands but starwars versions.
-> /sw tp allows you to tp to other planets. Usage /sw tp <player> <planet nickname(mine, tat,kam)> [x coordinate] [y coordinate] [z coordinate]
-> /sw give <player> <itemname> [amount]
->Jedi Breathers-> Crafted like a clone glider, only with sponges on top and bottom of the redstone. Allows for surviving underwater.
->Holograms-> Four iron bars with a beacon in the middle
-> It will create an image of a person on top
-> If you right click on the beacon but don’t click any of the stone and close it, you will see the blocks around the person
-> Click the stone with a person's name to change the person on top.
-> Remove the hologram by destroying the beacon. (Do not try to interact with the hologram, you will be kicked off the server because there isn't an interact manager on the hologram)
-> If the person then chats you can see what they are saying
->Gravity sources and anti-gravity in space.-> Put a sign down with [GRAVITY] on the second line to create
-> On Minecraftia you will be sucked towards it
-> In Space (which is now anti-gravity), it will create a gravity field so it will feel like being on Minecraftia.
+ Sarlacc pits-> [SANDPIT] on the second line of a sign to create
-> Sucks you towards it
->Sources will kill you when you are close enough
+ Jawas-> On Tatooine there is a 1/20 chance they will take something from a chest and put it in their chest
-> Their den is at x= 0 y=130 z=0 on Tatooine
-> When you get closer than 50 blocks of the base they will send a soldier out to fight you.
+ /swrank <player> <class>-> Used for changing the class quickly
-> The player has to be online
-> /swrank by its self to see the classes available
-> /swrank <player> to see their class.
+ Drones-> To create, put a sign down with [DRONE] on the second line
-> Control it by running around. It will naturally go down after a while so jump to make it go up.
-> Right/left click shoots/switches your view to the one of the drone.
+ Seismic Charge->(radius 10) Craft as a Chest made of iron blocks with a TNT block in the middle.
-> Right click on a block to use.
-> Has a firework effect.
Droidekas (Very buggy atm)-> Crafting for the spawner item, right click the ground to spawn one.
-> It should follow you in ball mode and will convert when close.
-> Will NOT shoot at the moment and cannot be shut down.

+ Bobbyqwerty0987 joins the team as a designer.
+ Mars610 joins the team as a designer.
+- A New Chat is in use, but may not be compatible with HeroChat etc. (This is in the Config, and needs a special permission to use anyway.)
+ Compatibility with 1.4.7 CraftBukkit
+ All planets are in the config.
-> Please don't forget to give more ideas whenever you think of them, and write on the server forum.

Record Key

NumberRecord NameForce Power

To do

->Training (Even with permissions, you have to train before using the force)
->New Worlds of Jedi temples, swap houses and gungun villages.
->Craftable Discs?
Any requests!



Most Items can be crafted and have custom names.

Astromech droids

Video Demonstrations

The Official Tutorial Video

Features in the video(Links to the time of the feature) Moments:

The Force4:09

Video Demonstrations

(Outdated)Credit to DamnicholasGaming for this. It is really appreciated
I am sure he would like it if you liked/favourited\subscribed so if you like it follow the link to the proper page

Another Brilliant showcase with lots more of the features highlighted
Again I am sure RossAndLuke would like it if you like/favourite/subscribe the video.

There is also one in Dutch, But it is quite outdated now-

Using the force

Any requets or ideas please share!
All items are owned by Disney. I own nothing!
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