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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

StarterKit - Give all new Player (not seen before by the Plugin) some Starter Items

Credit To Thomas Bucher

Version: v1.1

You can Configure what kind of Items a never before seen player get if it Joins you server. There is also a get Items after Respawn mode.


  • Give a starterkit to a Player
  • No command needed,it just gets it on Join
  • Config for delay to give the Kit
  • Commands ingame for OPs
  • Respawn Mode Added
  • MultiInventory support on Multiworlds

Source Code is in the Jar

Config the Items:


message: You got some Goodies, to start on this Server debug: false starterkit: - <itemid>,<quanitity> - <itemid2>,<quanitity2> delay: 10000 onrespawn:false usemultiinv: false worlds: - normal - nether It has some Defaults built in.

Known Bugs:

  • Quanity Adds Items
  • Colored Text Not Working

To start over, delete the file from the plugin/StarterKit directory.

Ingame Commands: (OP only) -> Not for Respawn Mode /starterkit import <importdir> Example: /starterkit import world/players Imports all players onto the List from the given Dir /starterkit add <playername> Example /starterkit add ToasterKTN Adds that Playername to the List (Case Sensitive) /starterkit del <playername> Example /starterkit del ToasterKTN Removes that player from the List /starterkit search <searchstring> Example /starterkit search aster Lists all Player on the List with aster in the name /starterkit list Lists all Player that are on the List /starterkit clear Clear the whole list. No more players will be on the List.

Todos / Ideas:

  • Check Inventory if it is empty before give items. Add Colors to the Message[Done] Add Datavalues to the Itemlists
    • Multiline Messages


Version 1.1 Fixed Some Minor Bugs

Version 1.0 (Beta) Added Colors To Message

Version 0.4a Import assumes player has been on all Worlds listen in worlds, if Multiinv has been enabled.

Version 0.4 Added MultiInv/MultiVerse support. Enable usemultiinv set the Worlds you wanna get the Kits in worlds: Note: With multiinv support, players in the List are world|playername see /starterkit list for examples.

Version 0.3 Added a Respawn mode ( onrespawn: true ) in the config file. Version 0.2a Added Dup Check on the List itself, to make sure no player gets on the List twice.

Version 0.2 Added ingame Commands for OPs

Version 0.1c Added Configvariable delay <- delay before give the kit in miliseconds.

Version 0.1b Add the Items after a 10 Second Delay..

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