starman's Mystery Dungeon

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This plugin is to help make something as close as to the PMD series.

Bukkit 1.8.1+ Compatible.


Not many features have been added in... since this is a project of course. I do not know when I will have the time to actually work on it. As of when I typed this out it was around 2am...

Implemented: +Basic Plugin operations

Planned Features

Traps ( Hidden )

These will be set in a 3x3 area or a 1x1 area depending on the configuration file. Traps will have the [TYPE] argument.

types: - poison - slow - dizzy - MONSTER HOUSE - warp - item to enemy

Mob Enemies

Mobs will be the only source of enemies in the game of course. - All hostile mobs. - All animals


Items will use item mechanics. ex. If you take a iron_bars and left click it in the direction you want it to go, it will fire a barb that way.

List: - Sticks - Iron stick - Apple - BigApple - Warp Orb - AllPowerUp Orb - Escape Orb - Aglily Orb - Attack Orb - Defence Orb - Heal Orb - Warp Seed - Pure Seed - Vile Seed - Heal Seed - Plain Seed - Reviver Seed - Oran Berry - Pecha Berry - Cherri Berry - TreasureBox Normal - TreasureBox Deluxe - TreasureBox Sinister - TreasureBox Heavy - TreasureBox Light - TreasureBox Shiny - TreasureBox Gold - TreasureBox VIP (yea I know, I'm a sell-out)

Other Mechanics

Floor generator

A floor will come in 3 sizes. - Small 128x128 - Medium 256x256 - Large 320x320

The floor generator code may take a while to actually make.. so please do not ask for it asap...


Can be set or automatically generated.


Can be set per Floor in config. Can be randomized in config.


A transition will occur when the player enters the staircase. With titles of course..


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