Star Hunter

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Star Hunter


Search the map for the falling star, mine your way through the star to get to the prize in the center. First person to reach it wins and receives a prize! Sounds easy, right? Wait until you run into other players, or one of the random items turns into something you wish you never got...

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What It Does

  1. After a configurable amount of time, the Star Hunt starts and the location (Random) of the star is announced
  2. A star (Material is configurable in the config), falls from the sky randomly in the map (Within 5000 from 0,0,0)
  3. Players have to mine through the sphere (Star drops random items as you mine) to get to the Diamond Block inside, which drops 5 random items
  4. The first person to mine the Diamond Block gets their name announced and one minute before the star hunt restarts to mine as many blocks as possible
  5. The next star hunt countdown begins after one minute, the amount of time before the next star hunt is configurable


CommandWhat It Does
/starhunt helpShows the authors and the version you are running
/starhunt infoShows the authors and the version you are running
/starhunt stopStops the Star Hunt and removes the current star
/starhunt start <world>Starts the Star Hunt in one hour, broadcasts a message every 20 minutes
/starhunt start now <world>Starts the Star Hunt immediately
/starhunt tpTeleports you right to the star location
/starhunt whereTells you the current location and world of the star hunt
/starhunt reloadReloads the configuration file


PermissionWhat It Does
sh.helpallows the admin version of the "/starhunt help" command
sh.stopallows the "/starhunt stop" command
sh.startallows the "/starhunt start <world>" command
sh.startnowallows the "/starhunt start now <world>" command
sh.tpallows the "/starhunt tp" command
sh.reloadallows the "/starhunt reload" command
  • Note: By default, the average player has help, info, and the where command. Others are gained if they have the required permission.


Star Size: 4
Star Material: GOLD_BLOCK
Cooldown Timer: 72000
TP Delay: 100
Mining Time: 1200
Max X: 1000
Max Z: 1000
Min X: 100
Min Z: 100
Star Drops Random: false
If Random is false, list the items you want dropped from the star:


  • If you find bugs please create a Ticket
  • This idea was inspired by a mini game in Runescape
  • Any questions, comments, concerns post below, please use Paste Bin for any large posts. Thanks!
  • Use This for the items in the configuration


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