SBS_Converter by Marcsello

This is a nice tool to convert a huge text into a file readable by StandardBooks. You can simply read a continuous text and this tool will convert and split it so it can be used for books in game.

The new Windows GUI comes on the summer holiday (now I haven't got many time)

Sorry for the but, I really out of money


It's still in development but this is already coded:

  1. - Support drag&drop file input method
  2. - File preview with color codes
  3. - automatically add /n and /"
  4. - Smart warping (find spaces ,-s .-s !-s ?-s ;-s and warp on it)
  5. - Settings saved from last convert (standard settings)
  6. - check the file for illegal names (prevent crashes)
  7. - check the output file (prevent more crashes)
  8. - Upload finished books to your server via FTP
  9. - Decoder mode, to Decode your books to simple text
  10. - Warning sounds
  11. - FTP file input, to download files from your server

Planned Features

  1. - special character (like ö ü ó ő ú á ű é í ä ß etc.) support to replace acceptable characters
  2. - smarter newline adding, and warping
  3. - taking into account the color codes when counting the characters
  4. - better GUI
  5. - Textcolor editor

How to


1. After you started the tool you must enter a path to your sourcefile or you simply drag&drop the file in the field of the tool.


2. After you have chosen your file you can start reading it by pressing 2.


3. In the next step you chose the options you want for converting the text. 4. And then you can start the converting progress by pressing 5


5. By pressing 2 you cann add an aouthor to the file and by pressing 3 you can change the title of the book and the destination of the bookfile by pressing 4. 6. By pressing 5 you finally write the bookfile to your harddrive.

Latest Version 0.4


  • Decoder mode, To decode books to simple text file
  • warning sounds
  • FTP file input, to download books, and use them. ( the books downloaded to the downloadedBooks directory, if not exists it will automatically created, in the same directory as sbs_conv.exe if needed)


  • Some Smart-Warp Bugs
  • Speed up enter removing

Known Bugs:

  • Lots of language mistakes
  • Some viewer bugs
  • Can't read an other encoded file to decode after decoded one in the same session

Windows: (from 98 to 7)



Soon :)


not as soon as you think :D

Source (Pascal):


Older Versions:


Windows: sbs_conv3.exe

Source: sbs_conv3.pas


Windows: sbs_conv2.exe

Source: sbs_conv2.pas


Windows: sbs_conv.exe

Source: sbs_conv.pas

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I hope this tool can help some of you to create books with lots of text without writing them ingame.


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