With this Plugin you can hand out a written book on first join (maybe containing the rules) or get other saved books (maybe with admin commands) via command.

Check out the Converter tool for textfiles created by Marcsello ConverterPage


requires Java7

  • save books ingame. for this you must hold the book
  • books can contain the &0,&1... color codes
  • books can contain "§" formatting
  • define the book given on first join or turn feature off
  • per book permission so your Builders can't get the admin Commandbook
  • give a book to an other player
  • can override /help and /rules so a defined book is inserted instead (needs or sb.rules permission)
  • hand out a book at first join (delay possible)


  • /sbs save [bookname] | saves the written book in hand with given name
  • /sbs list | lists all saved books
  • /sbs give [bookname] | gives you the book with the entered name
  • /sbs give [bookname] [playername] | gives the book to the player


  • sb.list | allows to get a list of all saved books
  • | allows to save a new book
  • sb.give.bookname | allows to insert the book with the given bookname
  • sb.give.other | allows to give a book to an other player
  • | allows to receive the helpbook when /help is typed
  • sb.ignorehelp | players with that permission will be ignored when overriding /help
  • sb.rules | allows to receive the rules book on /rules
  • sb.ignorerules | players with that permission will be ignored when overriding /rules

Change notes


  • fixed incompatibility with bukkits 1.4.5-R1


  • added delay for first join book (if you want to use it you need a new config file)
  • list and give book to player command can now be performed via console
  • fixed list command


  • added feature to give the book to an other player
  • fixed help and rules override and added permission to get normal help and rules
  • fixed bug writing none as inserted book giving empty book
  • fixed bug that a book could not be found when starting with capital


  • added "§" formatting support
  • added possibility to override /help and /rules (needs new config file)
  • added sending of plugin metrics to can be turned off in config (needs new config file)


  • changed command to sbs
  • changed the way a book is saved so an enter key will not be a new page (that means you hav to change your books)
  • fixed wrong spelled example
  • fixed copying 'title: ' and 'author: '


  • first release

Known Issues

  • ???


Marcsello created a tool to convert textfiles into StandardBokk accepted files check it out:


Planned features

  • check if book already in player inventory
  • give.all.* permission for all books
  • message on help and rules
  • Any ideas? let me know


Thanks got to blackbinary for hosting our server where I can develop and test my plugins

Thanks to Marcsello for creating the Converter



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