If you are in need of changing this plugins language, or just want to edit the messages please read the following.

Simply create a new file in the StaffText folder called "messages". Make sure this is a YAML file("messages.yml"). Once you have created this file, open it and copy in the following:

no-permission: You do not have permission to use that!
staffchat-enabled: StaffText Chat Enabled
staffchat-disabled: StaffText Chat Disabled
privatechat-enabled: Private StaffText Chat Enabled
privatechat-disabled: Private StaffText Chat Disabled
tickethelp-line1: To open a ticket, type /Ticket New [Message]
tickethelp-line2: To close an open ticket, type /Ticket Close [Ticket]
tickethelp-line3: To view an open ticket, type /Ticket View [Ticket]
tickethelp-line4: To see open tickets, type /Ticket List
error-opentickets: /Ticket New [Message]
error-closetickets: /Ticket close [Ticket]
error-viewtickets: /Ticket view [Ticket]
no-tickets: There are no tickets!
ticket-submitted: Your Ticket Has Been Submitted!
ticket-closed: Ticket Has Been Closed
ticket-notfound: There is no ticket open by that player!

You can now edit all of these messages to your liking. Please note that color codes are currently not supported, but are planned for a later update!


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