Welcome to StaffText! StaffText is designed for servers of all types, to help out your staff members, and players! StaffText is loaded with some key features that make sure your players get the most out of your staff! With everything from Private Staff Chatting, to a Support Ticket system for your users, StaffText is the plugin for you!


  • /StaffText - Toggles the use of Global Staff Chat
  • /StaffText [Player] - Toggles the use of Private Staff Chat
  • /Staff - Shows All Staff Currently Online
  • /Ticket [New/Close/View/List] - Commands For Support Ticket System


There is no configuration required! Enjoy a hassle free plugin!

How ever, if you wish to change the language, or format of messages for this plugin, you can go here.


  • - Allows use of Private Staff Chat
  • stafftext.staff - Registers user as staff to show up in online staff list!
  • stafftext.ticket - Basic command for Ticket System
  • stafftext.opentickets - Allows user to open support tickets!
  • stafftext.closetickets - Allows user to close support tickets!
  • stafftext.viewtickets - Allows user to view others support tickets!
  • stafftext.listtickets - Allows user to view a list of open support tickets!
  • stafftext.admin - Gives access to all commands of StaffText!

Set Up

Its simple to set up! You'll have it running in no time!

  • Download the plugin
  • Place the StaffText.jar into your Plugins folder
  • Restart your server!

Things To Do

  • Auto Updater
  • Tell us what should be done!


Having Trouble?

We usually are able to respond within 24 hours! Open a ticket, or leave comment down below. Hope you enjoy StaffText!


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