This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Staff Secure - Staff Security System

StaffSecure By Harry5573

Now UUID compatable!

What it does?

It gives you the option to make your staff choose a password they must enter when they login. But does not force all players to have one, only the players with the permission. This can prevent staff accounts from being hacked. Say a staff members account got hacked, if someone logged onto your server with this account, they could not do anything as they do not have the users password.

If you want a player to have to set a password when they login give them the following permission:
- staffsecure.staff

If you want a player to have access to staffsecure admins commands give them the following permission:
- staffsecure.admin


1) Download the securestaff.jar from bukkit
2) Drag it into your servers plugins folder
3) Reload/Restart your server
4) Give the players you want to have to login the permission
5) You are done! :)

/password <password> - staffsecure.staff
/login <password> - staffsecure.staff
/staffsecure <reload> - staffsecure.admin
/resetpassword <user> CONSOLE ONLY!

PLEASE NOTE: If a user loses there password they must ask a admin to reset it in the config.yml and then reload the plugin.

Configuration <config.yml>:

  1. Configure your messages.
    prefix: '&f[&cStaffSecure&f]'
  1. Should we send the player a StaffSecure motd on login?
    motdenable: false
  1. When should a player with the permission have to login?
  2. Whenever a player relog's in with a different IP than they had logged in with before.
  3. Will not work with reverse proxys where everyones IP is the same.
    relogipchange: true
  4. Whenever a player relog's in even if their ip has not changed.
    relog: false

Please NOTE: If your player does not have a password set they must set one!



Used on ArkhamNetwork!


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