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YouTubeVideoOneStaffMode Offers a Great Selection Of Commands. (More To Come) The Commands That StaffMode Offers Helps with various things, For Example Server Managment!

Contributors: Vextricity- THANK YOU!


Thanks For 900 Downloads!

Thanks To EMWGAMING For The Review!:


  • /Vanish - Hide YourSelf Or UnHide YourSelf.
  • /StaffMode - Puts Player Into StaffMode.
  • /ClearChat - Clears Chat.
  • /MuteChat - Mute, Or UnMute Chat.
  • /StaffChat - Talk Amount Other Staff Members!
  • /Freeze - Freeze Or UnFreeze A Player From Moving!
  • /Warn - Warn A Player About Somthing!
  • /Heal - Heals You.
  • /Feed - Feeds You.
  • /Fly - Toggle Fly!
  • /Tp - Teleport To Players
  • /Tphere - Teleport A Player To You!
  • / Ci - Clears Your Inventory!
  • /Report - report A Player!
  • /EnderChest - Shows Your EnderChest!
  • /WorkBench - Shows A Crafting Table!
  • /AdminGui - Shows A AdminGUI With UseFull Commands!
  • /BroadCast - BroadCast Stuff To Players!
  • /God - Enable / Disable God Mode



  • StaffMode.ClearChat - Allows Access To /ClearChat
  • StaffMode.ClearInventory- Alows Access To /ci
  • StaffMode.Fly - Allows Access To /Fly
  • StaffMode.Freeze - Allows Access To /Freeze
  • StaffMode.Heal - Allows Access To /Heal
  • StaffMode.Feed - Allows Access To /Feed
  • StaffMode.StaffMode - Allows Access To /StaffMode And /Vanish
  • StaffMode.MuteChat - Allows Access To MuteChat!
  • StaffMode.MuteChat.Bypass - Allows Access to Bypass Chat While it is Muted!
  • StaffMode.Teleport - Allows Access To /tp and /tphere
  • StaffMode.Warn - Allows Access To /warn
  • StaffMode.Report - Allows Access To /report
  • StaffMode.StaffMode.See - Sees When A Player Enables/Disable StaffMode
  • StaffMode.AdminGui - Allows Access to /AdminGui
  • StaffMode.WorkBench - Allows Access To /WorkBench
  • StaffMode.EnderChest - Allows Access To /EnderChest
  • StaffMode.BroadCast - Allows Access To /Broadcast
  • StaffMode.Join.Full - Allows To Join When Server IS Full!
  • StaffMode.Report.See - See Reports Made about other Users
  • StaffMode.StaffChat - Allows Access To /StaffMode
  • StaffMode.Updater - If Player Has Permission or Is Opped They will be notified when a Update Is Available For StaffMode!
  • StaffMode.God - Allows Access to /god _________________________


  • When A Player Is In Vanish/StaffMode It Disables Picking up Blocks, Interacting With Blocks, And Damage!
  • When A Player is In StaffMode It Disables Taking Damage
  • When A Player Enters StaffMode It Saves There Inventory And Clears It. When They Get Out Of StaffMode It Gives Back There Items.
  • When A Player Is In StaffMode It Addes a Prefix To Them
  • If a Player Has A Permission StaffMode.StaffMode.See It Will Send Them a Message of Who Joined and Left StaffMode!
  • Allows Player To Join When Server is Full With A Permission Node!
  • Logs StaffChat To File StaffChatLogger.yml
  • More To Come!


Want The Latest Version Of StaffMode But on 1.7? : Here You Go! This Version of StaffMode will work on 1.7, if you use this and use 1.7 Update From This Link, I Will Provide Updates For 1.7 :)

Soon To Come!

  • YOUR IDEAS!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!

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This Plugin Uses mcStats By Hindendra

  • The following data is sent to
  • Metrics revision of the implementing class
  • Server's GUID
  • Players currently online (not max player count)
  • Server version string (the same version string you see in /version)
  • Plugin version of the metrics-supported plugin
  • Any custom data the supporting plugin implements.

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Servers using Staffmode Want your server listed? PM me!

Want more customizability? Check out staff utitlies, the pro version of staff mode!



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