StackableItems v1.0


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    Dec 24, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Version 1.0 (12/23/2014):

  • Remove Hopper Item Moving for now as it is extremely buggy
  • Handle null checks for getting player's item in hand.
  • Fixed sanity checks which allowed duplication when dragging items in the inventory.
  • Reworking item config file to handle future changes.
    • Please rename your items.yml before updating and copy over the items to the correct places in the newly created items.yml.
  • Added UUID support. Items.yml will autoconvert worldName.player.playerName to worldName.player.uuid
  • Check all player groups, not just the primary (these may not work in any particular order)
  • Removed stackableitems.stack permission node, it isn't necessary
  • Fixed picking up items in the wrong hotbar direction
  • Rewrote item adding to better handle all cases and prevent items being added incorrectly
  • Let vanilla handle adding items from shift clicking furnace results when it can.
  • Updated Metrics to handle both getOnlinePlayers (provides backward support for old versions of CraftBukkit)
  • Added missing/new fuel items
  • Add shears and carrots on a stick to enchantable items list (for shift clicking into enchantment table)
  • Added an update checker:
    • Use "/si update" to manually check for an update
    • To disable, set "update-check.enabled" in options.yml to false
    • Use "update-check.frequency" to change the number of hours between automatic checks. Defaults to 6 hours.
    • Only ops and Admins have access
  • Removed useStacks options in favor of disabling inventories per world in items.yml
    • use "disabled: true" under world.inventory.chest to disable stackableitems for all chests in 'world'
    • world:
    • inventory:
    • chest:
    • disabled: true
  • Allow worlds, groups, and inventories to be grouped for easier configuration
    • world,world2:
    • inventory:
    • chest,ender_chest:
    • snow_ball: 32
  • Deploy defaultGroups.yml with the plugin to show examples of how groups.yml should look
  • Improved in-game commands to hopefully make them more understandable
  • Let vanilla handle stacking lapis in Enchantment tables for now

Items capped at 127 to prevent loss of items from world saving/player loading.