StackableItems v0.8


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    May 14, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


Version 0.8 (5/14/2012):

  • Fixed duplication bug with crafting
  • Removed unnecessary defaultTools and customTools configs.
  • Made config check player.yml before group.yml as player should be able to override group.
  • Fix chest stacking maxing out at 64 (Client won't show the correct number above 64)
  • Capping max items to 127 due to item loss after reloading. (I have an idea for a workaround, so it may come back)
  • Fixed unstacking bug when a stack of tools was separated after max being set to normal (-1) again.
  • Right clicking on a stack while holding another drops items one at a time as vanilla does.
  • Fixed large stacks from being put in armor slots, enchantment tables, and brewing stands.
  • Item groups
  • Added /stackableitems reload command to reload config files
  • All config/item files are loaded into the plugin now when users need them, which means less i/o and possibly faster
  • Item files should now handle any case -> IRON_BOOTS, iron_boots, IrOn_BOOts should all work.
  • Added optional furnace stack amount which allows furnaces to stack above 64 (65-127 or -1 for disabled).
    • The client won't show it correctly, and the server can't smelt above 64 so it is faked (reverts to 63 and a counter saved) until picked up or the furnace is destroyed
  • Now ignores creative mode so that items can be removed properly (temp fix)

Requires a CraftBukkit server due to the 'pop' sounds when picking up items.  If anyone is not using a CraftBukkit server, please let me know and I will get a pure bukkit one up.

Items capped at 127 to prevent loss of items from world saving/player loading.

defaultTools and customTools yml files can be deleted if updating from an older version.