Configuration & Permissions

Stables: The Configuring

Permissions & Commands

/stablesAll commands are prefixed with /stablesstables.admin grants all permissions
/renameRenames a horse to a new, random nameRequires 'NoTagRename' set to TRUE in config
versionDisplay the version/credits
addriderAdds (rider) to the horse - must be owner
delriderRemoves (rider) from the horse - must be owner
abandonAbandons (horse), giving up ownership
summonSummons your horsestables.summon OR allowSummon true
TPTeleports you to your OR allowTP true
findPoints a compass to your horsestables.find OR allowFind true
listShows all horses owned by you
storeStores horse in the Virtual Stables
viewLists all horses in your stables
recover #Recovers horse from stables - The number is found in /stables view
reloadReloads the Config filestables.admin
configChanges config options without offline editingstables.admin
saveManually saves the horse database - for Flatfile onlystables.admin
reportView the config optionsstables.admin
listallView all horses owned by (player)stables.list
dismountForce (player) to dismount their horsestables.dismount
check / infoCheck the horse's
clearhorsesRemove all horses owned by (player)stables.clear
removeownerRemove a horse's ownerstables.remove
/spawnhorseSpawns a horse. Add argument 'zombie' or 'skeleton' for those typesstables.spawn
Optional argument 3- Player's name, to spawn at their location (useful for command blocks)
Allows creation of [Stables] signsstables.sign
Allows player to ride any horse, regardless of ownerstables.ride
Allows a player to use the Lure mechanicstables.lure
Enables lure using item # for a specific player. stables.lure is requiredstables.lure.#
(1.9.7 typo of above permission)stable.lure.#
Allows a player to have # for their max horsesstables.max.#
Allows no-cost use of the Virtual
Allows a player to craft Iron Armorstables.recipe.armor.iron
Allows a player to craft Gold
Allows a player to craft Diamond Armorstables.recipe.armor.diamond
Allows a player to craft Saddlesstables.recipe.saddle
Allows a player to craft Name Tagsstables.recipe.nametag
Removes the ability for a player to name
Removes the ability for a player to breed horsesstables.punish.breed
Removes the ability for a player to ride horsesstables.punish.ride
Allows a player to still Summon through worlds when the option is

The Configuration File

Config OptionEntryDefinition
generalnoneHeader for General Options
Debugtrue/falseTurn on/off debug messages
BlockAlltrue/falseBlock All damage - Ignores all other settings if set to true
PVPDamagetrue/falseBlock PVP Damage (This includes ALL splash potions, helpful or not)
EnviromentDamagetrue/falseBlocks environmental (lava/falling/etc) damage
OwnerDamagetrue/falseIgnores damage to a horse from it's owner
MobDamagetrue/falseblocks damage from mobs
Thefttrue/falseAllows stealing/riding of claimed horses
CheckUpdatestrue/falseAutomatically check and notify for updates - Disabled as of 1.8.9
MaxOwned.defaultnumberThe max number of horses a player with no special perms can have
ProtectUnclaimedtrue/falseProvide protections to unclaimed/unnamed horses as well
SaveminutesHow often to save the flatfile database (ignored for SQL)
showUnownedWarningtrue/falseDisplay warning about unclaimed horses when dismounting one
MySQLnoneThe SQL Settings
useSQLitetrue/falseUse SQLite instead of flatfile or MySQL
useMySQLtrue/falseUse MySQL instead of flatfile or SQLite
databaseYourDBNameThe name of your MySQL Database
hostlocalhostThe address
userrootThe login
password12345The Password
port0The Port - leave 0 if unknown, or not needed
prefixstables_The prefix to all Stables related tables
horsesNoneHeader for the Horse section
AllowMaxNamedtrue/falseAllow horses to still be named if at max limit of horses
allowFindtrue/falsePoints a compass to the last known location of your horse allowTP: false #Allows teleport to a horse you own
allowSummontrue/falseAllows you to summon a horse you own
allowSummonThroughWorldstrue/falseAllows you to summon horses from other dimensions (ie: Main to Nether)
AutoOwntrue/falseAutomatically claims a horse when dismounting an unclaimed,tamed horse
AutoSaddletrue/falseAutomatically adds a saddle to any tamed horse
noTagRenametrue/falseAllows the use of the /rename command to reset a name of a horse randomly from the names file.
allowtrue/falseAllows the use of the lure/spawn horse feature
delaysecondsHow long a summon takes
timeoutsecondsHow many seconds in between each lure attempt
disabledworld listWorlds this feature is DISABLED in, separated by commas.
useEnabledtrue/falseDisregard the disabled list above - check for enabled worlds ONLY
enabledworld listThe only worlds, if useEnabled is set to True, that Lure will work inis true
lureThe items allowable for luring a horse
396Item NumberWhat item to use for the lure chance
countnumberHow many of this item are required (and used) for this lure
item2item numberRequire optional 2nd item for this lure - Set to 0 for none.
item2countnumberHow many of item 2 are required for this lure.
chancenumberThe percentage of success for this item only
typenumberWhat type of horse to lure. Set to -1 for any 'regular' horse, donkey or mule, -2 for ANY horse, including zombie and skeleton.
health.maxnumberThe max amount of health a lured horse will have for this item type
health.minnumberThe minimum health a lured horse will have for this item type
stableHeader for the Virtual Stables section
costNumberCost to store a horse - This feature REQUIRES VAULT
useCommandtrue/falseAllows commands to store - if false, requires a [Stables] sign nearby
timeoutsecondsThe timeout for the storage selection
disabledWorld listWorlds that Store and Recover are disabled in
useEnabledtrue/falseDisregard disable list, and check for enabled worlds ONLY
enabledworld listAllow ONLY These worlds to use store/recover
RecipeThe header for the recipes section
usePermstrue/falseCheck for required perms (See perms section)
hardModetrue/falseTurn on 'hard mode' crafting, requiring blocks instead of ingots for armor
saddletrue/falseAllow for saddle creations
nametagtrue/falseAllow name tags to be created
armor.irontrue/falseAllow iron armor to be created
armor.goldTrue/falseAllow gold armor to be created
armor.diamondtrue/falseAllow diamond armor to be created