Teleport with horse. #88

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  • Forge_User_18242429 created this issue Jun 26, 2016

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
    Option to teleport on your horse.

    Please provide any additional information below.
    I think the message above is clear enough. Otherwise just ask what i mean.

    ConfigExample: TelAnimal: <true/false>
                            Teleport with horse if you sit on it. Set to false if you dont want this.
    Please note: While we look at all feature suggestions and enhancements, we do not use a great deal of them for a number of different reasons. If the effect is not worth the effort, if the proposed change is something that would not benefit the masses, if it's something outside of the scope of this plugin .. these are only a few of those reasons. Do not get discouraged if a suggestion does not get implemented!

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  • Raum266 posted a comment Aug 27, 2016

    Yay, another ticket I never got a mail about! :p

    This has been added to the TODO list - However, it is possible that the methods would conflict with various plugins that handle teleporting (such as Essentials, or Multiverse). I can likely add something quickly soon, however depending on said conflicts, it may not work exactly as intended.

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