Stored horse can be recovered an infinite number of times #100

  • fatherwh0 created this issue Sep 10, 2020

    When a horse is stored by stables it can be recovered over and again with /stables recover <horse name>. 

    Stables version 1.9.13

    Paper 1.16.2 #183

    Console errors do occur when recovering horses.

    As a bandaid I attempted to null the perms stables.recover and but players were still able to run these commands.

  • fatherwh0 posted a comment Dec 11, 2020

    Glitch still exists in 1.16.4. Horse must be tamed, have saddle and have armor. Dupped horses do not have armor and are not named. In-game an error occurs in response to the recover command "an internal error occurred while performing this command.' This error shows each time the recover command is run. Log errors occur too:

    Stables version 1.9.13

    Paper 1.16.4 build 296

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