Stables 1.7.4


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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2


  • 1.7.4 - Special DERP edition. :/ Special thanks to RoelandCache for assisting int he bug testing.
    • Do NOT use SQLite with this version. SQLite fixed version will come soon
  • 1.7.1-3 : Database fixes - Flatfile, SQLite and MySQL
    • /spawnhorse (optional zombie/skeleton)
  • 1.6.3 - Has gone highly untested
    • Adds option to set to MySQL in the config - does not use Bukkit defaults. Flatfile storage will return in 1.7 as an option
    • additional bugfix/typos.
    • Added esES localization
    • Began adding commands for Online config setting
  • 1.6.2 -New Features:
    • [stables] signs - Placeable by stables.admin only! Allow for Storage and Recovery of Horses!
      • Stables *DOES NOT SAVE* Chests or Saddles. Will be fixed in a new version. *DOES SAVE ARMOR*
    • /stables store - Store a horse. Only works if allowed in Config
    • /stables recover # - if commands are disabled in the config, it requires you to be within 5 blocks of a [Stables] sign.
    • /stables view - View all your stabled horses
  • 1.6.1 - SQL bugfixes
  • 1.6.0 - Conversion to SQL - No new Features
  • 1.5.2 - Language/Config bugfix
  • 1.5.1 - Added Horse Luring
    • Fixed permissions issues with all tested perm plugins (GroupManager, PeX, bPermissions)
  • 1.4e In 1.6.2, Bukkit changed how entity.CraftAnimals were handeld - updated code to reflect this.
  • 1.4d Additional Bugfixes - Corrected NPH error with 'listhorses'
    • Horse names should correctly add to the database if they were not in there originally.
  • 1.4c Bug Fix - Non owners cannot add and remove riders to a horse. Whoops!
  • 1.4b Bug fix - Player shot arrows were being considered mob shot.
  • 1.4 Fully rewrote how horse data is handled - no more metadata.
    • Added /stables save - Saves horses.yml
    • Added /stables addrider - Allows (rider) to ride your horse
    • Added /stables delrider - Removes (rider) from your horse
    • Added /stables listhorses - Shows all horses owned by (person)
    • Added /stables clearhorses - Deletes all horse data from (person) - Please note, this does NOT clear names, only ownership data.
    • Added multiple tiers of horse limits using the permissions 'stables.VIP1', '.VIP2' and '.VIP3'
  • 1.3c (beta) Changed handling of blank horse data
  • 1.3b Added /stables - Currently only accepts arguments of "reload" and "version"

Bug fixes for named, un-owned (due to error issues) that are not found in the horses database

  • 1.3 Special thanks to Externo6 for patiently bugtesting with me for hours today :P
    • Changed Horse Armor Recipe
    • Fixed multiple bugs
    • Horses should no longer spawn with owner data
  • 1.2 Lots of issues - removed this version
    • Corrected PVE Damage for projectiles
    • ADded Environmental Damage protection
    • Added reverse hay recipe (1 hay = 9 wheat)
  • 1.1 Added commands for admin to remove ownership
  • 1.0 Initial Release

SQLite does NOT funciton correctly in this version.