What does it do?!

We don't have horse in the name, but we're all about horses!

Stablemaster is a Citizens2 trait, allowing players to manage their mounts (horse, donkey, mule, bag-o-bones, undead steed, pig, boat, or minecart) with specified NPCs. They can be dropped off and picked up later for a configurable prices! There's also an optional charge per day which accrues every 24 hours the horse remains stabled. No horse? No problem! Stablemasters also sell horses-at configurable prices! Perhaps your world has some bigshot noble, admin, or donator waltzing around. Stablemasters recognize their prowess, and will speak to them honorably, waive stable fees, or even offer discounts on horse purchases!

Now this sounds pretty good right about now, but it gets even better! The Stablemasters, you see, have a guild. They even transport your horse wherever you travel so it's always ready for pickup! Gee they sure are thoughtful.

Just use /trait stablemaster, /trait wharfmaster, or /trait stationmaster to get started!

Permission Nodes
  • stablemaster.stable - Allows users to purchase mounts and use the stables.
  • stablemaster.noble - The stablemaster speaks to you with respect.
  • stablemaster.noble.service - The stablemaster waives all stable fees. Also, speaks nicer.
  • - Applies discount to the cost of new mounts. Also, speaks nicer.
  • Citizens2
  • Vault

Planned Features

Shop toggle: available mounts randomized daily and can only be purchased once.

Togglable 'tiered' prices.

Sister traits sell boats and minecarts.

Purchased mounts are automatically mounted or placed in the stables.

Ability to disable certain mounts from sale, and adjust speed/jump modifiers.

Control over interface strings via config (for localization).

Control over interface icons.


Special Thanks

Without a generous donation from Mavhill, the update to 1.11+ would never have been possible. Thank you Mavhill. <3



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