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Thor is a plugin that allows players to make various things happen (like lightning) at certain locations by clicking at that location with a tool. Unlike other plugins, which require a host of commands to be typed (which takes FOREVER), you just have to type what you want to happen at the start, and then click when and where you want it to happen. As many times as you like; you don't have to keep typing commands.

Essentially, Thor adds what is like magic wands to the Bukkit server. Inspired by the fact that the 'wand' (originally a stone axe (though it can now be configured in the config file to be whatever you want)) kind of looks like a hammer and gives the user godly power, the plugin was called Thor (god of thunder). The wand can target a location in the cross hairs of your player and make something happen at the target. the something comes in the form of the powers detailed below.

Thor's hammer is the all-powerful weapon, but single-power tools can be configured as well. I call these "power tools". New in 4.1 is that each power tool can individually be configured with item meta data, including multiple enchantments, a name, and whatever lore ("tool tips") you want. This allows map makers to configure special power tools and goals of, or tools required to, complete a quest. (Ex. need to construct a teleport tool to leap across a unpassable chasm, but to contract that you need to kill an enderman.)


"Powers" are the things that can be done at the location right (or left) clicked. These are (in the latest version):

  1. /thor Lightning: Casts a lightning bolt at the location they are targeting with the tool.
  2. /thor Explode: Causes an explosion at the location they are targeting with the tool.
  3. /thor Wolves: Spawns an angry wolf at the location they are targeting with the tool.
  4. /thor Teleport: Teleports the player from his current location to the location they are targeting with the tool. Note: works farther than ender pearls, and player takes no damage.
  5. /thor Fireball: Makes the player throw a fireball at the location they are targeting with the tool
  6. /thor Fire: Sets the block targeted on fire. Does not work for entities
  7. In addition, the /thor Stop action switches off any powers
  8. AND if you don't have or forgot what the item that you configured Thor's hammer to be was, "/thor give" gives you it, and tells you whether it will take place when you left click or right click.
    • Note that the provided hammer is enchanted just to make it look cool (and last longer), and it currently required if you make one yourself.
  9. /thor creeper: Spawns a creeper at the location they are targeting with the tool
  10. /thor zombie: Spawns a zombie at the location they are targeting with the tool
  11. /thor enderman: Spawns an enderman at the location they are targeting with the tool
  12. /thor dragon: Spawns an ender dragon at the location they are targeting with the tool
  13. /thor skeleton: Spawns a skeleton at the location they are targeting with the tool
  14. /thor villager: Spawns a villager at the location they are targeting with the tool
  15. /thor cow: Spawns a cow at the location they are targeting with the tool
  16. /thor delete: Deletes the block they are targeting with the tool
  17. /thor Napalm: Throws a fire charge at the location targeted. Works for entities and blocks, but a bit slower than "fire"
  18. /thor list: lists who has or is using Thor powers. Usable from console
  19. /thor wither: spawns a wither
  20. /thor pigman: spawns an armed, angry, zombie pigman
  21. /thor bats: spawns bats
  22. /thor blaze: spawns a blaze
  23. /thor spider: spawns a spider
  24. /thor witch: spawns a witch
  25. /thor cavespider: spawns a cave spider
  26. /thor groundpound: hit the ground hard and everything (blocks and entities) goes flying! [Added in 4.4]
  27. /thor arrows: launches multiple arrows as if from a fully powered bow [Added in 4.5] Video demos of arrows found on the Configuration page.


Crafting is enabled by default, but can be turned off with the enableCrafting config item.

Supports a recipe to craft Thor's hammer, the use thereof being limited by the power-specific permissions. Note that the supplied hammer now includes a special name, lore, and an enchantment. If you attempt to use a plain stone axe (i.e. the default item) as Mjollnir, it will not be recognized unless it has the same name, enchantment and some lore. If you find that too difficult, it was designed to be such. This allows admins/map designers to make Mjollnir truly rare, as a quest item or a reward. Or just use thor give command.

Craft with two anvils, two iron, and a nether star:

Thor Hammer crafting recipie

Power Tool Crafting

Since 4.1, you can now configure crafting recipes to construct individual power tools. You can select what items you want (and therefore how hard it is to construct) what recipe you want, whether shaped or shapeless, By combining tool type (of different durabilities) with durability impact, you can control how many casts each tool works for, from one to infinite. If the tool doesn't last long enough, add a Durability enchantment (see below).

If you configure tools or weapons as the power tool item, then the item can also be repaired on an anvil, with the base item's element (ex. gold axe can be repaired with gold ingots) while retaining all its enchantments, name, and lore. Of course, it might cost a lot of XP.

If you don't configure a tool or weapon, it still can work even with a name and lore, but any durability impact will use it up. *Poof*!

Installation & Usage

Copy and paste the latest thor .jar into your plugins folder (removing any older versions of the plugin)

Using a power tool requires no commands, just right (or left) clicking. Shift-clicking avoids using the Thor power (ex. to feed a bone power tool to a wolf).

When on the server, use /Thor [Action] , where Action is one of the above actions. Now whenever you left click anywhere with stone axe [ID 275] (by default, this can be changed by altering the WandID field in the config file) the action will happen, even if it is out of reach (up to a distance of 256 blocks). For example, using /Thor explode would make you cause an explosion anywhere you clicked with the 'wand'


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Nothing to do! Any requests?

Add default crafting recipe for arrows power tool, resulting in an enchanted bow

De-spawn missed arrows, perhaps optionally.

Add power to spawn an arrow storm

Add "ground pound" power that throws blocks and entities in the air. Sounds cool and not sure how to do it yet.

Add Permissions check on <power>.itemID usage.

Add configurable tool metadata (name, enchant, lore) so that power tools can be made more rare.

Add crafting recipes to make power-specific items. Maybe use anvil instead

Add configurable crafting recipes.

Known Issues

Moved to File History.

For Change-log see Files


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