Newest Skript Plugin.

Hello, im here to give you a newest version of the "Skript" Plugin. its from official skript site.

 is a plugin that allows you to customize Minecraft's mechanics with simple scripts written in plain English sentences. You can easily create complex custom commands, triggers that execute effects under certain conditions, and scripts that just run periodically - all without having to know even the slightest bit about programming! The (hopefully) intuitive language has the advantage that you don't even need to learn much to be able to use Skript.

To get an idea of what is possible with Skript consider taking a look at the scripts forum where users of this plugin share the scripts they have written themselves, improving their servers without the need for a plugin developer. Skript can also be used to replace smaller plugins, allowing you to shorten your likely long plugin list. An incomplete list of replaceable plugins can be found on the replacers forum.

The latest version of Skript is 2.5.2 (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) (2020-11-28 22:10:32)


old notice, i dont gave it. :)


To write a script you simply have to write down what you want Skript to do when some conditions are met. This is a simple 'event → condition(s) → effect(s)' syntax, which could look like the following example:

# This example informs the player when he mines stone
on mine of stone:
    send "You just mined stone!" to player

Each script can contain many so-called triggers which each start with an event and have a list of as many conditions and effects as you want. The event determines when the conditions are checked, and if all are met, the effects are executed in order. Take a look at the following example which has everything:

# A simple lightning strike/smite/Thor's hammer script:

# the trigger has an event:
on leftclick with a golden axe:
    # a condition:
    player has the permission "thor"
    # and some effects:
    strike lightning at the targeted block
    broadcast "Fear the mighty Thor!"

Custom commands can be defined similarly, e.g. the following defines a powerful '/item' command that can be used like '/item 5 diamond swords of sharpness 5 and a cake':

command /item <items>:
    description: Spawn yourself some items
    permission: skript.item
        give argument to the player

Furthermore Skript also features more complex script elements like loops and conditional statements, which are described in the documentation. Skript also supports variables that can persistently store information globally, per player, per block, etc., and has a wide range of expressions that you can use in conditions, effects, messages and variable names.

A notable feature of Skript are aliases, which are names for Minecraft's items and blocks. Each alias can consist of multiple IDs and data values and allow you to use any item's or block's name in scripts instead of having to use their IDs like many plugins force you to. Along with the ability to define enchanted items you can create some of the possibly most powerful '/item' commands for Bukkit with just a few lines! (two example commands are included in the download)

Need help?

You can always ask for help on the forums, though it can be faster for you and easier for me if you first look through the available tutorials and examples.
If you get many "indentation error"s or "invalid line" errors you should read this explanation to understand what indentation is all about.


If you're new to Skript you should read the basic tutorial. It explains how to write a new script step by step.
In the likely case that the basic tutorial was too short you can read the more exhaustive tutorial by DemonPenguin.
There are also some more official tutorials as well as user-created ones on the tutorials forum.


To learn more about writing scripts please read the documentation on my website. There are also lists of all possible eventsconditionseffectsexpressions and types with examples for each of them.

The Team

  • Njol: Manager & programmer of Skript
  • joeuguce99: Helps programming by adding new features
  • DemonPenguin: Wrote some tutorials and moderates the forums
  • mazius123: Submits tons of bug reports
  • MegaNarwhal: Made the old Skript banner and a signature image
  • MostFunGuy: Expert in Skript and Skript accessories. The glue that holds everyone together


Natural syntax
As you might already have noticed writing scripts is not very difficult. You can write (almost) normal english sentences and Skript will try to interpret them. If Skript doesn't understand something, please check your spelling and/or refer to the documentation to find out how to write your sentence to make Skript understand it.
Custom Commands
Skript can be used to define custom commands. These commands can use Skript's syntax which allows to make very user-friendly commands, like one of the most powerful /item commands available, and any other command you or others come up with. Skript also has a setting to try to interpret all unknown commands as effects. This basically allows to use any effects you can put into triggers as a command.
A short introdution on how to create custom commands can be found on my website.
Please note that Skript is not well suited for creating aliases of other plugins' commands or for creating a command that executes multiple other commands. I suggest to use Commander or some other plugin for this purpose.
Inventory Menus
Using SkQuery (An addon for Skript), you can create dynamic inventory menus found in many popular plugins. Want a couple items to display that will do different things such as warps and console commands? This becomes an easy task. Slots can be formatted to do nothing, run a console command and close the menu, or even run a console command and keep the menu open (Usefull for dynamic updating menus that change based on selections)
Chat Formatting/Json Capability
Again, using SkQuery (An addon for Skript), you can completely customize how your chat looks from prefix to suffix to player's name to the actual message itself.
In addition, you can add JSON formatting to your chat in game... Want to highlight a player's name and display a location? A rank? A specific class they have selected? Want to click someones name and have kick/ban/mute/message inventory menu to appear? Easy!
Independent Scripts
Triggers can be put into multiple files, and each file is treated independently. This means that you can easily use triggers made by other people by simply copy&pasting their files into the scripts directory. Scripts are thus like small plugins for Skript with the advantage of being able to edit them easily.
You can find some scripts on the forums, and you can also post your own. Please read the Guidelines before posting a file.
Item and Block Aliases
Aliases help to make the config more user-friendly by using comprehensive names for items and blocks, e.g. you can write 'bonemeal' instead of '351:15', or 'any hoe' instead of listing all hoe types. Aliases support data value ranges and can even consist of multiple types. You can easily define your own aliases, e.g. 'blacklisted = TNT, bedrock, obsidian, monster spawner, lava, lava bucket' and there are also many useful predefined aliases in the main config.
Error Handling
Skript automatically logs errors in the scripts to the console, e.g. if it can't understand a line of a trigger. It will not cease operation, but simply skip the invalid parts of the scripts, be it a whole trigger (e.g. if the event is invalid) or just a single condition (e.g. if there's a typo in the condition's name). This might lead to unexpected behaviour, so always check for errors in the console after you have changed something.
If you use the '/skript reload' command all errors will be sent to the player who used the command (or printed to the console if the command was used from there).
Automatic Update
Skript can detect new versions and update itself, either by a command (/skript update) or automatically when the server starts. You can turn the automatic check on or off, configure whether to check for updates only, and choose whether to download them as well in the config file. If a new version is found, all players with the permission 'skript.admin' will get notified of the new version.
As Simple or as Complicated as You Want To Go
Want to create a message that displays after the player logs in? Sure, easy, 2 lines, done in a flash. Want to create a completely custom, unique experience that will WOW your users and astound them? Sure, it's more complex, but it's all worth it to see your users blown away by the customizability of your creations.
See a user complain that something doesn't work right? Fix the code, reload the skript (Without restarting the server) and watch them be so confused as to how it was already fixed.
Java developers can add their own conditions, effects and variables using a provided API.
Many users have completed addons, and these addons contribute IMMENSE amounts of conditions, expressions and triggers. Some give you access to items in item frames, some let you create scoreboards, and some even let you send resource packs to players.
These are just some of the addons available

Future Features

More events/effects/conditions/expressions/loops/etc.
I'm always looking for ideas ;)
Triggers which are executed when a player presses a specific button, steps on a predefined pressure plate, etc.
This sounds awesome but will definitely take a while.
Full list of planned features:
What I'm currently working on:


Skript works without permissions plugins, but It also provides some permission in case you use one:

Grants access to the /skript command.
Allows to use effects as commands if effect commands are enabled in the config.

You can also use the '<player> has/doesn't have the permission ""' condition in scripts to check whether a player has/doesn't have a certain permission. You can even create your own permissions this way, but you should note that "mypermissions.*" does not give all permission that start with "mypermissions." (The exception to this rule are other plugins' "*" permissions and any permissions starting with "skript.").


To install or update Skript, download the latest Skript.jar and save it in your server's plugin directory. If you're installing Skript for the first time, start & stop your server once to generate the config files and some example scripts.

Please read the changelog when updating, and create a backup of your database(s) just to play it safe.

You can also download the newest and (updated to Minecraft 1.7.2).

The source code can be found on github.


If you like the plugin feel free to make a donation :)


i dont gave you changelog from 2.1.1 its old version.

Older changelog can be found in the respective files.               (ITS COPY OF TEXT FROM SKRIPT PROJECT)


Official Owner of "Skript" Is Author on this version. 

i missclicked and files archived idk how to unarchive files and i cannot upload new but bukkit says its a duplicate, Sorry!


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