Overview over the 0.6 preview

Note: Spout required, Spoutcraft client highly recommended


  • MySQL or SQLite
    • to use SQLite place this SQLite driver inside your serverroot/lib folder if you do not have it already
  • Spout 1.0.6
  • optional: Spoutcraft client for users (required for custom GUI and sound effects)

Basic Usage

Change your job to something you would like to level. Mine stuff and battle to gain xp and charges. Rightclick with an item to cycle through the active abilities you can use with it and prepare them for use. Leftclick after preparing to activate the ability, provided you have enough charges. Certain abilities activate upon hitting someone, others cancel the attack if you activate them while standing in front of someone.


Player commands

/srpg statslist of all current stats
/srpg change to [jobname]changes you to the specified job
/srpg jobslists all jobs that are available to you
/srpg infogives overview over your current job
/srpg info [jobname]gives overview over another job that you have leveled
/srpg active [name]gives description for the specified active ability
/srpg passive [name]gives description for the specified passive skill
/srpg locale [locale identifier]changes your locale (there is no listing of available locales yet, ask your admin)
/srpg chargesdisplays your current amount of charges (for non spoutcraft users)
/srpg locktoggles active ability activation lock

Admin commands (console only)

srpg xp [playername] [amount]gives a player the specified amount of xp
srpg charge [playername]gives a player full charges
srpg reloadreloads the configuration completely (may be buggy)

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