Spread is a open-source framework for bukkit/spigot/paper!


This framework is suitable for bukkit-plugin programmers who want to simplify programming with simple as well as complex functions and features.


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If you are a Minecraft server operator who needs this framework, you can simply download the file and put it in your /plugins folder


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This plugin is based on the minecraft-bukkit 1.15 API, but most of it is compatible with minecraft versions 1.8 to 1.15. However, an equally large part is compatible without the Bukkit API and can only be used with normal Java.


This framework is free for use and open-source on GitHub.



This framework is framework and bukkit-plugin same, you can add this to your current project and activate this framework on your server, as an plugin.


Add this framework as a library to your project and you can work with many more features.





Here is a small selection of functions provided by the framework. For more detailed documentation on all the features and benefits of the Spread framework, please visit the Spread GitHub wiki (linked above)


  • Custom SpreadPlugin Interface (Append to JavaPlugin)
  • Custom Message System | Easy-to-use message system which adapts each of the plugin messages to a uniform and beautiful design
  • Custom Events | Create easy you own events or use our own framework events, this saves coding time!
  • FileManager | Use SpreadFiles or create your own file classes to save a lot of time for managing, reading and writing files
  • And much more


This framework is constantly being developed further, so that updates and further functions can be expected.


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