SpoutTrade makes trading items incredibly easy and intuitive. No longer will you have to awkwardly drop items on the floor, or type out long or complicated commands, furthermore, the Spout server plugin is no longer required!


A whole new way to trade

Brought to you by The World of Mytatrea

What does it actually do?

  • Provides an in-game GUI for trading between two players.
  • Provides configurable options for limiting trades to certain distances or allowing players to start trades by right clicking on each other.

How does it work?

Upon confirmation of a trade request SpoutTrade creates a large VirtualChest and shows it to both players. This chest is made up of two smaller >chests, one for each player. It detects when a player clicks on an item in their inventory, and will then add the item to the respective >players chest.


  • Place SpoutTrade.jar into your server's plugins folder
  • Start and stop your server to automatically generate the configuration file
  • Alter the config to suit your needs
  • The Bukkit permissions node is 'spouttrade.trade', it defaults to true


  • Type /trade <player> to create a trade request with a player, if they don't accept or decline after 15 seconds, the request will time out.
  • When this player has accepted your request, the trading GUI will appear.
  • Drag the items in your inventory that you want to trade to your section of the trade window. The plugin will prevent you placing them in the other player's slots.
  • When you're finished, close the window, this will close the other players window also.
  • Read the confirmation summary, and accept or reject the trade


/trade <player>
Initiates a trade with the player
/trade accept
Accepts the current action
/trade decline
Declines the current action
/trade ignore
Toggles ignoring trade requests

I want to suggest a new feature!

I'll be much more likely to respond and include your feature if you post a ticket!

I need help

Go to the forum tab, and create a new thread detailing the issue you are having. Use BukkitDev's paste feature to upload any error logs/configuration files.

Also check out ItemBank for all your RPG banking needs!


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