SpoutPlayers 2.0.3


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    Jun 30, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


2.0.3 - More @types! - you can now use the @<type> command with all the types to make groups with names. eg. /set @skin nameOfMyGroup http://s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftSkins/Notch.png ie.

/set args[0] args[1] args[2]
where args[1] is the group name, args[2] is the value and args[0] is one of the following.

2.0.2 - error fixes

2.0.1 - The Return of Saving! - config and settings are now saved - i just forgot to uncomment the SpoutPlayers.saveConfig() which was turned off for development. Sorry X)

2.0.0 - The Return of SpoutPlayers - updated original plugin to latest craftbukkit and SpoutPlugin/Craft. - DONATE!!!!

1.9.1 - bug fix - fixed error with morphing into mobs. 1.9 - Private Messages via Achievements! - add a new <type>: pm - this will send an achievement notification to a player with your name and message - much easier than finding your name in the chat log - usage: /set nil0bject pm Hey.What_ya_doing? - nb: currently messages can only be one word, and less than 26 characters.

-fixed a few bugs with the config and warn type.

1.8.1 -trying to fix permissions errors SpoutPlayers 1.8 - warnings and morphing - send an achievement notification to any player. will keep warning until it is reset - /set nil0bject warn stopMessingAround* the warning can only be one word on the command line, so it's best to setup premade warnings in your config(warns or mysql(SPwarns) reset warning: - /set nil0bject warn . or - /set nil0bject warn

- morph into any entity installed in all connected clients - this means, using the ID number of an entity(eg Ghast is 56), you can change your appearance for other players, not yourself. - /set @mob ghast 56 - /set nil0bject mob ghast and then for lulz - /set nil0bject grav 0.1 - /set nil0bject air 100 - /set nil0bject fly true - if all clients have a mod installed, that includes a custom entity, you just need to know that entities ID and everyone can change into it. - who has some cool minecraft models? - this is part of the custom player model integration.

Vanilla Entities entity, ID "Creeper", 50 "Skeleton", 51 "Spider", 52 "Giant", 53 "Zombie", 54 "Slime", 55 "Ghast", 56 "PigZombie", 57 "Enderman", 58 "CaveSpider", 59 "Silverfish", 60 "Pig", 90 "Sheep", 91 "Cow", 92 "Chicken", 93 "Squid", 94 "Wolf", 95

if you use an unknown mob id, you will crash all nearby clients.