SpoutPlayers 2.0.5 ======[formerly SpoutPlayerSkins]

Please Donate for continued updates. Thanks to all that have contributed! You make this endeavor much more enjoyable!


Change player models, skins, capes, names, gravity, jump height, walk, air, and swim speed, render distance and many more!

  • Save changes to a file or mySQL.
  • Restrict permission.
  • Change groups of players with one edit.

<type>s you can modify are: - name: change the name - cape: change the cape - skin: change the skin - mob: change into a mob with a valid ID number of a minecraft entity. Get them from the wiki. - grav: changes how quickly you will fall. will still take fall damage. will get kicked if floating for too long. - walk: how fast you walk - swim: how fast you swim - air: how fast you fly - sight: how far the player can see. reduce lag or increase visibility. - jump: how high you can jump - fly: true or false - pm: send an achievement notification to a player with your name and message - warn: constantly send a warning to a player until you send another warning with only a fullstop in it


Server Installation 1. Download SpoutPlayers 2. Download Spout. 3. Copy SpoutPlayers.jar and Spout.jar into your bukkit servers plugin folder. 4. Start or restart your bukkit server.

Player Installation 1. Download SpoutCraft Linux: jar Windows: exe MacOS X: app. (optional)1.1. Copy Spoutcraft.jar to where your minecraft launcher is. 2. Open Spoutcraft.jar. 3. Login with your minecraft account. 4. Wait for a clean copy of minecraft to be downloaded and modded. (this does not modify your original minecraft) 5. Connect to a bukkit server running Spout and SpoutPlayers!!




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