Signs an walls #2

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  • _ForgeUser4773815 created this issue Jan 3, 2012

    So i know you cant make it (yet at lest) into paintings one can place on a wall. Is there a way you could program it were you can place the sign on a wall it will say something on the sign like
    <user who took it>
    <photo number>

    or w/e you like just my suggestion for sign layout. then a player can click the sign (right or left, im thinking right that way you can use left to destroy it with out the photo popping up all the time) that way its kinda like having a painting on the wall but its as the sign you got from the photo being taken.

    hope this works as i know i would love having photos on the wall of my home let me know if this can be done

  • _ForgeUser4773815 added the tags New Enhancment Jan 3, 2012

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