Request: World musique, outside WG Regions + Music Loop! #6

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Assigned to _ForgeUser7130239
  • _ForgeUser7440598 created this issue Aug 26, 2011

    Hey! It would be great if we could set a music to play outside the WG regions ... for the reste of the world.

    Something like:

            music: http://slink/music.ogg
            message: Blah blah blah
            icon: BONE
            subMessage: Blah blah blah
            texturepack: http://link/

    Also, is there any way to play music in loop?

    Thank you! :)

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  • _ForgeUser7130239 posted a comment Aug 28, 2011

    Music loop is currently impossible.

  • _ForgeUser5606773 posted a comment Sep 5, 2011
  • _ForgeUser7085831 posted a comment Oct 15, 2011

    A great idea. About loops, if there's a problem doing loops one way, is it possible to merely have it download the track again when the song is almost done playing? Then just wait to play it until the current one is over?

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