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  • _ForgeUser8384665 created this issue Feb 14, 2012

    What were you doing that caused the problem?

    just set up music config
    What's the error? Post using bukkitPaste.

    What version of SpoutEssentials are you using? (Look in the console, not the thread)

    Post your plugin list. (A screenshot of '/plugins' would do)

    Post all of your configs in spoutessentials folder, using bukkitPaste.

    i want to use the command /spe playgmusic <url> but i don't know if this url must to be a or a playlist.. i don't want to play each file manually with /spe music <name> but i want to run a playlist.. how to set music playlist?
    BukkitPaste can be found here:

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  • _ForgeUser3179880 posted a comment Feb 19, 2012

    As far as I remember, you can't make a playlist. You can only manually run each file;

    It has to be a ogg, midi or (mp3?) or you can't use it.

    As for the url, if you want a good tip, upload your oggs to a dropbox and use the dropbox link.

  • _ForgeUser6977473 posted a comment Mar 22, 2012

    As Diabloste said, playlists are not available yet. I'll be adding the feature for sure, since it's a good idea. Make sure all your files are .ogg and .wav, I don't think mp3 is supported.

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