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  • _ForgeUser2246921 created this issue Dec 13, 2011

    Had a couple ideas for request/music handling in SpoutEssentials.
    1)  When it comes to WorldGuard regions would it be possible to continue playing a Parent regions music when you walk into a Child region and then back into the Parent region without the music starting over (if child region has no music set that is)?  Example:  I'm in the City (Parent Region) walk into my house (Child Region) and then back into the city.

    2) Sound fading - possibly make a region specific flag that sounds will fade in/out as you enter or exit a region (no idea if this is possible and/or how complicated it would be)

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  • _ForgeUser7130239 posted a comment Dec 16, 2011

    Fade - possible.

    Regions - No.

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  • _ForgeUser2246921 posted a comment Dec 18, 2011

    If the region parent/child thing isn't possible is it possible to make it so a region doesn't replay it's music for X amount of time?

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