» New version of the plugin:
» This is a powerful protection plugn by regions. Having him various commands and options, all configurable. With more than one language, you have access to language English/Portuguese selecting in config.yml. This plugin is a fully anti Grieffings or illegal buildings or undesirable.
» I bring to you a plugin to protect your name and SpotProtection, created by Brazilian SpotBR, soon after a while abandoned plugin for private reasons and this plugin is being redone.

» spotprotection.use - Allows to use all commands.
» spotprotection.<number> - Allows buy <Number> areas.

» /spot buy <Size> <Region Name> = Purchase an area with name <Region Name>, size <Size>;
» /spot sell <Name> <Price> = Puts the sale area <Name> for the price of <Price>;
» /spot delarea <Name> = Delete your area <Name>;
» /spot addfriend <Player Name> <Region Name> = Adds the friend <Player Name> in your area <Region Name>;
» /spot delfriend <Player Name> <Region Name> = Remove the friend <Player Name> in your area <Region Name>;
» /spot pvparea <Region Name> <On/Off> = Enable/Disable PvP in your area <Region Name>;
» /spot areamsg <Region Name> <Message> = Add in your area <region Name> the welcome message <Message>;
» /spot infoarea = Shows the information of the area you are in;
» /spot areas = List of your regions;
» /spot expand <Region Name> <Size> = Expands your area <Region Name> for size <Size>;
» /spot prices - show the prices
» /spot = Menu of Commands.

» Vault ( ).
» WorldEdit ( ).
» WorldGuard ( ).

» Desginer page updated.
» ChangeLog clean.

Known bugs:

» you cant use /sethome when area have 2 or more members.


If the plugin aren't working, try java 7.

Se o plugin não funcionar tente por a versão 7 do Java.


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