Take the sponge from Alpha/Indev to present! This plugin makes the sponge work as in the 'good old days'.
With this plugin, you can build amazing underwater structures without ever having problems with water - no matter what problems you have:

  • The plugin prevents water to break through holes in your building
  • You can easily remove water that is already inside your house.
  • After building, simply remove the sponges and you will see the water flowing automagically!
  • Please remember that this plugin will NOT alter the world generation. Instead, you can craft sponges.

I know, this function is also integrated in WorldGuard, but if you use that and remove a sponge from the world, the water will be stuck in place until a block beneath changes. So, with this plugin, I try to purge this lack of functionality and present you a fully-functional sponge that lets water flow!

Configuration / Crafting

See Configuration for details.


My (and your) plans with this plugin:

  1. make the range configurable -> since v1.1
  2. make pistons work without spamming and killing the server -> since v1.2
  3. suck lava / fire (configurable) -> since v1.3
  4. add multiworld support -> since v1.3
  5. create a crafting recipe -> since v1.4
  6. refill water / lava when a sponge is removed (configurable)
  7. make sponges don't soak through walls

Source Code

The source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/steppenwiesel/SpongeReloaded/


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