Elementals B.1.7


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    Jun 12, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


Elementals B.1.7

  • AniData added for more options in Animations
  • Added new Special_Abilities: BlockSpit FireProof FireDamage KnockBack
  • Add DoDamageHere codes allows for more creativity in attack animations.
  • New Targeting system
  • Badass new Range Attack! block spit.
  • added lazy elemental maker clones water to other block names ( until configs are finished)
  • remove firewings and shield ( until configs are finished)
  • created all new ani-special code
  • lowered block counts on water
  • Ai updates less often for improved performance

Elementals B.1.6.5

  • BugFix: Switching Copy system to use Bukkits built in YML
  • BugFix: Debug was allways on
  • BugFix: crash with mulit-world servers.

Elementals B.1.6

  • Created TheBrains
  • ControlerAI can be player or giant or none;
  • added Ai Logic
  • added Ability To jump
  • removed a lot of debug console spam.
  • added new divdebugs /cmd go and /cmd debug
  • added pathfind and melee atacks
  • added a crude jump ability
  • Astar path find setup for golem sized paths ( still buggy )
  • dissabled flying
  • added punch kick and hipunch
  • cleaned up anmations for water shaped elementals lava,water
  • added NoAI option for debuging anmations
  • added Water and Lava config files
  • fixed bug with copying config on windows, I hope!

Elementals B.1.5

  • fixed bug crash with death and no ControllEntity
  • added health mini block system back
  • hid the java files again doh!
  • updated maven verson
  • added CreateFlyingBlocksOnDeath: true
  • added CreateFlyingBlocksOnHit: true
  • added KnockBlocksOff effects
  • fixed bug with falling blocks and items on death.

Elementals B.1.4

  • fixed bug with anmations getting inturpted with status changes
  • fixed a bug with /cmd die on maxHP = 0 elementals.
  • added SoThatsIt mob pathfind code
  • added simple iron_golem AI
  • added healing from elemental -> player / irongolem
  • added new special code - AI:mobtype
  • added stone.yml to test golem AI
  • changed debug code

Elementals B.1.3

  • reworked the /cmd die command
  • ANI-die played at death
  • changed keyframe to delay_*ticks
  • added part special step:int and noboom
  • added anmation Finished return
  • moved anmation to brain
  • pathfinding http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/lib-a-pathfinding-algorithm.129786/ needs work
  • boss bar shows for closeest elmental
  • bug fixed where more then 130 blocks from player elemental dies
  • added sleep mode
  • added player binding
  • added firewings and shield tests
  • added new part specals genONAni
  • fixed mirror anmations
  • added all and reset codes for anmations

Elementals B.1.2*

  • Clean up of /live and /cmd more user friendly
  • redo of shape code
  • redo of vector code
  • Tempory removal of all types but dirt (prep for anmation)
  • overhaul of elemental constructor
  • added barAPI
  • removed anmations now part of the elemental.yml ( under construction)
  • added settings to config.yml
  • added new shapes dot/ball/line
  • added special ability flying

Elementals B.1.1

  • added /cmd <grow,die,slam,pound,sweep>
  • if shot with an arrow it will turn to shooter and move to them
  • types /live < Dirt,Stone,Fire,Water,Air,Tree>
  • Elementals VB.1
  • --
  • first version

delete all old configs!