This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Hey, if you're looking for a plugin that allows you to have a store (with dynamic prices), or a library, or offline messages, and much more, this is your plugin.


Shop: /shop

The most important function of the plugin is the store. More than anything because it's what most use an average user. This store, which is virtual, you can buy or sell items anywhere. There are two types of stores, the server and users. All virtual.

When you want to sell an item, you could sell it in the store server, or simply place it on your virtual store another user's you can buy.

Prices are dynamic, but are preset to a file store. In fact that prices change, there must be activity in the store. The more users purchase the server in the store, the more expensive it becomes. The more users selling server in the store, cheaper it becomes.

One problem that arose in developing the store were those objects on which their value from other objects. So the store was conceived as a web of prices, where many objects depends on the value of other objects. For example the diamond block value depends directly on what it costs the diamond. The store already has all objects (of 1.6) in the store, with all relationships, many invented because there is no such recipe.

  • /shop To open the Server Store
  • /shop <id or item name> To find an object in stores.
  • /shop @ To open a shop of a user.
  • /shop @ To open your store.

Library: /lib

Here you can buy or sell books. You set the price you want to your book, and you can sell the books you want. Your users will receive a copy of your work, and you will receive your royalties.

Mail: /mbox

You can send private messages without the recipient is online. Has the ability to show the time and the day it was sent, and you can make a message longer than normal (limit set by the minecraft chat) stacking the message with a command, and finally sending.

Temporary Teleportation: /tw

Command that comes from the abbreviation of Temporary Warps, knowing a Warp is a teleportation point. This allows the user to buy a warp that will last the minute he noted. Can also be configured to anyone using a temporal warp be charged a certain amount of money as tax. It is very useful for events.

Compass Points: /upin

In my opinion is the most useless of all command, but hey, it was the first command in the plugin. Save a point or points that can be shown by a compass. Note that the compass is limited by types of worlds, so that's not always so helpful.

Help Commands and Books

This is a function that takes all the commands and their respective messages of a configuration file. These commands can also be books. It is useful to put help commands within the game server. The commands are not limited and can be set subcommands. For example put /help and can guide you through a menu to put /help shop

Exchange with mobs

This is the last function implemented in the plugin. Allows "trade" with the mobs, which you set in a configuration file which objects a user can exchange by other objects.


spicecraft.twtrueCommand /tw
spicecraft.tw.noMaxTimeopNo time limit
spicecraft.tw.noWarpLimitopWithout amount limit
spicecraft.tw.masteropDelete any warp
spicecraft.mailtrueCommand /mbox
spicecraft.mail.createtrueCreate messages
spicecraft.mail.massiveopCreate and send messages to all users on the server
spicecraft.mail.noCharLimitopUnlimited letters in the message
spicecraft.upintrueCommand /upin
spicecraft.upin.noLimitopUnlimited compass positions
spicecraft.cmdopYou can run the help commands.
spicecraft.cmd.reloadopReload configuration /spicecraftreload (only in game chat, no console), may not work propely in many servers.
spicecraft.libtrueCommand /lib
spicecraft.lib.masteropDelete any book
spicecraft.lib.buytrueBuy books
spicecraft.lib.selltrueSell books
spicecraft.shoptrueComamnd /shop
spicecraft.shop.masteropBuy and sell without restriction.
spicecraft.shop.server.opentrueYou can open the server shop interface.
spicecraft.shop.server.userSelltrueYou can sell items to the server.
spicecraft.shop.server.userBuytrueYou can buy items to the server.
spicecraft.shop.private.opentrueYou can open the server shop.
spicecraft.shop.private.userSelltrueYou can sell your private shop.
spicecraft.shop.private.userBuytrueYou can buy in other private shops.
spicecraft.shop.itemBuy.?trueMay or may not buy from the store server. ? has to be replaced by any object name in the store.
spicecraft.shop.itemSell.?trueSame as above, but may or may not sell at the store on the server.
spicecraft.monstertrueAble exchange with mobs.


The plugin comes just over a year, and was the way to experience exercises off the books, what could I do with Java.

I am developing the Wiki in English, but it is always a little more fully the Wiki in Spanish. My mother tongue is Spanish. But I will offer support for all, and I hope you guys can have a little patience.

They can do whatever they want with the code, found on Github: https://github.com/elxris/SpiceCraft

And the wiki is located (and soon will update the wiki in English) here: https://github.com/elxris/SpiceCraft/wiki


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