SpeechBubbles Reloaded

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!Switched to Spigot!

Click here

Easteregg Confirmed

Thx to LtJim007

SpeechBubbles Testserver finally here, 24/7, Cracked (If not working try : Republikacraft.tk:28820) Republika <3

Finally its here, after waiting for so long :P Tested on Spigot 1.8 and should work from 1.7.5 - 1.8.4 (Bukkit/Spigot)

Many of you asked for my YT channel - So here it is : CLICK

What is SpeechBubbles?

SpeechBubbles is a plugin that creates speech bubbles over a players head, with the written text in chat and some other informations and values

Why do i need SpeechBubbles?

SpeechBubbles is a good plugin to improve RPG-Feelings, fun and decoration

[Installation] Is it only the plugin or do i need anything else?

Its NOT only SpeechBubbles! :( You will need the following plugins to get SpeechBubbles to work:

Holographic Displays Filoghost forever ! :D

Holographic Displays Patch (If running on Spigot with protocol hack)


ParticleLib Thank you inventivetalent for this awesome api

Just put them all into your plugins folder :)


Colors in message : Speechbubbles.color

/SpeechBubbles reload : Speechbubbles.admin

Update notify on join : Speechbubbles.admin


Better particles for donators

Add to config : CancelChat



You can see a list of variables here


In the config it says something like "FollowTrailColorBlue" - What is this?

This is the color of your trail ! If you turn off "FollowTrailColorRainbow" it will define a RGB-Color with these 3 values

To "select" a color go to This site and copy the values "R, G, B" (Red, Green, Blue)

The plugin isnt working, even after taking a look at the "Install" section AGAIN

Then you can contact me in Skype -> Kitt3120

Is there a test server?

Yes there finally is! ->

Can i see the source code?

Im still thinking about uploading the plugin to GitHub but currently : No

Can i add you even if i dont have a problem?

Sure why not :p Lets play some games!

[Buy colored name]

You can buy a colored name here


Buy now


Buy now


I like your work and want to support you! How can i do that?

Above this you can buy a colored name. You will NOT get the Donator-Tag for it! Just your colored name. If you want the Donator-Tag just spend an minimum amount (2€ ~ 2,23 USD) as a donate

You can also donate clicking the donate button at the top right of this page or with these ones :

Euro (€)

Buy now

USD ($)

Buy now

You will get a donator tag AND cooler particle effects ingame! You dont even need to wait for an update! SpeechBubbles downloads the latest donators from web every 30 minutes or on server startup


Euro (€)

Buy now

USD ($)

Buy now

The bundle contains both, Donator Tag and a colored name for a cheaper price



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