This project is inactive but wait ! You can find the new one here -> http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/speechbubbles-reloaded/


If you're using Spigot with the 1.7/1.8 protocol hack, clients connecting with 1.8 won't be able to see holograms properly. Download the patch here: http:www.spigotmc.org/resources/holographic-displays-patch.1039/

Test SpeechBubbles

Currently there is no testserver... maybe someone of you can give me one so i can build some worlds where users can test my plugins

Spend me a Pizza <Get donator tag>

I'm working very hard on this plugin and i'm spending MUCH time in it to give you this FREE plugin You can now donate if you like my work... You can donate whatever you want! I would be very happy about 10 € .. i'll add you to the "Donator" page AND the ingame command /Speechbubbles donators.. Btw youre getting a cool 'Donator' tag ingame ! Just write me a pm and i'll check it. But i'm even happy if you donate me just 2 € (USD is also supported i think)


And you can just click on these links - You just need to wait a little bit .. it will help me very much ;)





This is my third Plugin ! I hope you like it :)

Check out my new Plugin Withermode

If you did a tutorial / review about my plugin just write it to me on Youtube, Skype(just search Kitt3120) or Bukkit- i'll add it to the video page

SpeechBubbles creates a speechbubble above the player

Screens: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/speechbubbles/images/

Videos are now avaible at : The video page

Feel free to join my server and test the plugin : FightForSurvival.de or minehost12.host-unlimited.de:26630

And if i'm online you are lucky and can test some test-builds with me :D

If you have any questions or problems feel free to add me on skype: Kitt3120*- or ask me on Youtube : Thecrafterslp*

This Plugin is still in beta. New features will be added soon

Installation&How to use

*Check out the new install page*


Speechbubbles got an Auto-Updater. It will automatically download and install the newest version. You can disable it in the config - AutoUpdate: 'false'


/SpeechBubbles - Shows some infos...

/SpeechBubbles reloadConfig - Reloads the Config

/SpeechBubbles editConfig - Edits the config ingame with virtual inventorys

You cant edit the full config... i will add the other ones later


SpeechBubbles.* - All permissions

SpeechBubbles.editConfig - /Speechbubbles editConfig

SpeechBubbles.write - Write some bubbles if using UsePermissions

SpeechBubbles.reloadConfig - /Speechbubbles reloadConfig

SpeechBubbles.regenConfig - /Speechbubbles regenConfig


This Plugin needs Holographic Displays (Thanks to filoghost for this awesome plugin)

And Vault


Custom Display style

Message color

Only speechbubbles

Disable Plugin

Disabled worlds

Customisable Showtime

Max length


Reload Config command

Ingame Config edit with virtual inventorys

Speechbubble follows the player

Now working with Emoticons (Emoticons)

Variables like %RANK to show the Players Rank above him in the Display

Want to add

̶C̶̶u̶̶s̶̶t̶̶o̶̶m̶̶ ̶̶D̶̶i̶̶s̶̶p̶̶l̶̶a̶y

̵S̵̵p̵̵e̵̵e̵̵c̵̵h̵̵b̵̵u̵̵b̵̵b̵̵l̵̵e̵̵ ̵̵f̵̵o̵̵l̵̵l̵̵o̵̵w̵̵s̵̵ ̵̵t̵̵h̵̵e̵̵ ̵̵p̵̵l̵̵a̵̵y̵̵e̵r

̵C̵̵u̵̵s̵̵t̵̵o̵̵m̵̵i̵̵s̵̵a̵̵b̵̵l̵̵e̵̵ ̵̵S̵̵h̵̵o̵̵w̵̵t̵̵i̵̵m̵e

̵M̵̵a̵̵x̵̵ ̵̵l̵̵e̵̵n̵̵g̵̵t̵h


̵R̵̵e̵̵l̵̵o̵̵a̵̵d̵̵ ̵̵C̵̵o̵̵n̵̵f̵̵i̵̵g̵̵ ̵̵c̵̵o̵̵m̵̵m̵̵a̵̵n̵d

̵I̵̵n̵̵g̵̵a̵̵m̵̵e̵̵ ̵̵C̵̵o̵̵n̵̵f̵̵i̵̵g̵̵ ̵̵e̵̵d̵̵i̵̵t̵̵ ̵̵w̵̵i̵̵t̵̵h̵̵ ̵̵v̵̵i̵̵r̵̵t̵̵u̵̵a̵̵l̵̵ ̵̵i̵̵n̵̵v̵̵e̵̵n̵̵t̵̵o̵̵r̵̵y̵s

And more...*


This plugin gives me (Kitt3120) a "[Coder]" tag to the Speechbubbles.

This can only be disabled in one way -> Allow cracked on your Server

Im not supporting cracked, but with cracked you could join with my name and have the Coder tag too :p

EVERY donator will have a donator tag, too! This cant be disabled!

To get a donator tag just donate something to me and write me a pm!

To test the donator tag use the following name with cracked minecraft : <Will add in next speechbubbles update>


The Plugin isnt working ?

Make sure you installed Holographic Displays, and Vault. If its still not working disable (move out of plugins folder) plugins like herochat and roleplay chat.. (Essentialschat is working)

How can i contact you

You can contact me in Skype : Kitt3120 or just write me a PM

Can i see the source code

Yes but for that contact me on skype. Maybe i'll send you the part you want

Are there more ways to contact you ? I dont have skype

Yes! I just updated my Homepage and now you can see everything there - *CLICK*


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