To-do list and changelog

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Bugs and problems

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Past versions & old changelog


Fixed errors when setting arena lobby

Added spectator-only chat! Currently this cannot be toggled off.


Fixed errors when disabling and enabling spectator mode

Fixed not changing gamemode back to survival from adventure on quit

You can now use /spec <on/off> <player> from the console!


Updated/compiled for Minecraft 1.7.2

Massive code tidy (added listener class, got rid of some duplication)

Bug fixes

First stable release!


Saves inventory and restores it instead of clearing it

Bug fixes with worldguard

Now uses a clock instead of a WRITTEN_BOOK in arenas mode


/spectate alias: /spec

Fixed chests, doors, redstone etc. being usable by spectators

Arena mode now adds a book, which is used to select the arena you want to spectate

Stopped players getting burnt if they stop spectating while in fire

New subcommands: /spec arena list and /spec arena add <name>


Added a help screen

Many small bug fixes, including:

  • Spectators being teleported to spawn when a player logs out
  • Typing errors, etc

New mode: only players inside certain co-ordinates are available to be spectated (arena mode)

Permission node for setup: spectate.set

New command format for spectator lobby: /spectate lobby <set/del>


Added /spectate setlobby

Added custom spawn


Initial release

Player head GUI for choosing who to spectate

Permissions for the command (spectate.use) and to be hidden from spectators (spectate.hide)

Stops interacting while spectating

Gives players compass to choose who to spectate

Allows players to fly while spectating