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    Feb 15, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2



Quite a large update so it took a while. Overall stability has greatly improved so the plugin should be a lot more usable!

  • Added spectator mode on death (disabled by default, enable in toggles.yml)
  • Split config file into two: setup.yml and toggles.yml. Don't worry about setup.yml, all the values in it can be set in game.
  • Added toggles for teleporter, arena selector, spectator chat, coloured tab list, "spectator mode enabled" etc messages and spectator mode on death
  • Fixed some players not appearing in the teleporter GUI
  • Arena setup is easier
  • Many minor bug fixes

Config will be regenerated, please delete config.yml before updating if you have a previous version.

I found a few bugs while testing with WorldGuard. Please don't use the WorldGuard game-mode flag in your arenas, unless you set it to adventure.