What is spectate?

Spectate allows you to watch players from their point of view, simply by typing in /spectate (player). You will see exactly what they see, and they'll never know you were watching them.

You can also watch them from different angles. There's Third Person, Third Person Front (looking at their face), and Freeroam (you can walk freely around and watch them from any angle).

There's also "Scroll" mode and "Scan" mode. Scroll mode allows you to right and left click to change between players, and Scan mode will change the player you're spectating every few seconds (you can set how long until it switches to the next person).

There's also an API, which allows developers to take control of the entire plugin.

To see a full list of everything you can do with Spectate, head over to the Commands page.

Spectate has undergone a complete rewrite.

Please make sure your permissions are up to date, and please report any bugs on the tickets page.

Spectate 2.0 is here!

2.0 includes:

- A complete rewrite of the entire plugin from the ground up.
- Lots of bugs fixes!
- Spectate is now compatible with Multiverse Inventories.
- A fresh new API that lets developers control the ENTIRE plugin!

And some new features:

- A new spectate angle, Third Person Front mode! Now you can watch the player you're spectating while looking at their face. What more could you ask for?
- Another new spectate angle, Free Roam mode! Now you can walk around like a ghost while still viewing their inventory. Spooky!
- You can now see the gamemode and XP of the player you're spectating!
- If you were invisible before spectating, you will still be invisible when you stop spectating.

And many more features I forgot to write down!

So what are you waiting for? Download the plugin for the complete Spectating experience today!


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