This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This plugin is really hard to descripe ... even for me :/ Generally:
This will add new enchantements to items (no matter wich item).
There can be multiple enchantements on one item!
Each enchantment contains 1 effect (see >>effects).
Each effect can be adjusted with a lot of things: the amount of affected objects / delay / item text and more!

This can be a great addition to WorldEdit! Due to the different world editing tools, you can drain rivers or auto mine certain blocks! Lets see if i can get a video of it working :)


  • Config check! This will tell you if your config isn't up to date anymore.
  • Add enchatments to every item (not only tools)!
  • Define how often the enchatement can be used until it disappers!
  • Customizable every enchantment very detailed!
    • What block / entity gets affected by this?
    • How to drop items (if there are some)?
    • Do it instantly or step by step with a delay?
    • Does the effect spread to other types of blocks/entitys around it?
    • How many objects can get affected by this?
    • And more ...
  • Future updates will add more effects!
  • Supported effects for now:


breaks blocks around the original one until there is no block of this type left or if the max amount is reached.
"Found a big ore vein? Just break one of the blocks , the others will drop one by one automatically! *trollface*"


similar to the radialBlockBreak, but for lava and water.
"Floating lava? *Right-Click* CU L8R lava! *trollface*"

more coming soon ...


[] - optional statements
<> - variables (names / numbers)

quiet simple:

  • /stadd <nameOfEnchantement> <charges>



DEV Version

If I extend or change the plugin in any way, there will be a development version. This may contain new bugs or cause errors.
However, it also includes all new features and bug fixes as soon as I can and they are noticed.
Dev versions will not be avaiable on bukkit (because they change really often), but they are avaiable at my CI and Blog.
Please note that only the versions of dev.bukkit were checked by moderators. And you use the development versions at your own risk.

There is no download available atm!

Planned features

  • Permission support! (Of course!)
  • new effect "hitEntity" (hit multiple Entitys at once)
  • new effect "tunnelBreak" (will create a tunnel in your sight direction)
  • new effect "multiDrop" (the broken item will drop his normal loot multiple times or other additional items)

Whats up next?

more coding

  • hitEntity & tunnelBreak
  • >> Maybe your enhancement? Create a ticket, if you have great ideas to improve this!

Support Me

Because I do not speak English natively, there might be some spelling/grammar mistakes.
If you find some, please create a comment and tell me how it should be written. :)
I'll fix it as soon as possible.
If you want to donate, there is a button for this in the header.


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