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    Nov 22, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10


Upgraded to 1.11, but an early release so be careful.

There have been many internal changes to the Bukkit API, which this update addresses. Generally it makes life easier but most configs will need to be tweaked.

Horses have been split into separate mobs

  • Removed horse.variant
  • Removed horse.carryingchest and applied it to the submobs (donkey, llama, mule)
  • horse.armor now only affects horses and llamas
  • horse.style now only affects horses
  • Added llama
  • Added donkey
  • Added mule
  • Added skeleton-horse
  • Added zombie-horse

Guardians have also been split.

  • Removed guardian.iselder
  • Added Elder-guardian

Skeletons have also been split.

  • Removed skeleton.type
  • Added wither-skeleton
  • Added stray

Zombies have also been split.

  • Removed zombie.isvillager
  • Added zombie-villager
  • Added husk

And some new mobs

  • Added evoker
  • Added vex
  • Added vindicator

Please see this page for the changelog.

Will not work if your installation path contains a # sign (and possible others)!

You might need to rebuild Craftbukkit if you have en early version of 1.8.