Pick up spawner mined with silktouch, give you any type of spawner. Manage permissions, configure the plugin as you wish. Very easy to use.

  • By mining a spawner with silktouch you will get a spawner of the corresponding entity
  • You can give any spawner with command : /givespawner (Player) (Type) [Amount] 
  • Choose if players need silk touch to get a spawner in the config file.
  • Works on 1.18.x / 1.17.x / 1.16.x / 1.15.x / 1.14.X / 1.13.X / 1.12.X  !
  • enable/disable spawner modification with egg (in config file)
  • Configurable explosion drop chance
  • API to manage custom spawner easily ! More information in the dedicate section here.
  • Support for ShopGui+ 1.20 or higher
  • Command /editspawner that allow you to edit the data of a spawner, you can edit spawnRange,spawnCount,MaxNearbyEntities,
    RequiredPlayerRange,Delay,MaxSpawnDelay and MinSpawnDelay

Want to make custom spawner in survival mode ? Get eggs from creatures with Creature Capture and change spawner type !


If you have any problem, please read the FAQ that could help you !

 Since version 2.9, SpawnerSilk use bStats to collect anonymous data to make statistics for the plugin.


Permission Description
spawnersilk.minespawner Allows player to mine spawner (enable by default)

Allows player to give spawner by command


Allows player to edit spawner by command


Just drag and drop SpawnerSilk.jar to your plugins file.

If you already have a previous version of the plugin, please delete your SpawnerSilk folder before doing the update.


If you find any issue, please report it on Github or Discord.


  • Option to disable or enable that command along with choosing whether players can mine spawners with any pickaxe, or need silk touch specifically. (Thanks Outcahst)
  • Change attributes of a spawner (Major Update 3.0)
  • More configuration options
  • Add craft for each spawner



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You will find below the list of all my plugins. They are all updated with the latest version and try to offer you the best experience possible.



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