Enhance Spawners

Make spawners more useful by having the functionality of crafting them and changing their type through the use of mob eggs! To get a blank egg, just break an existing mob spawner.

When a natural (non-player-placed) spawner is broken, the following will occur if the player has the appropriate permissions:

  1. 3 to 6 iron bars and/or a spawner will drop (configurable)
  2. Between 300 to 600 exp will drop (equivalent to 3-6 levels if at a low level); This is fully configurable
  3. A spawn egg will drop (either a blank one or one of the spawner's type; this is configurable)
The inspiration came from pixelkids

Demonstration Video

Crafting Recipes

The crafting recipes may be found here


These permissions have been tested with PermissionsBukkit and PermissionsEx.

spawnerexp.*allows all permission nodes for SpawnerEXP
spawnerexp.placespawnerallows/disallows the player to place a spawner
spawnerexp.change.*allows/disallows the changing of a spawner's type to any creature
spawnerexp.change.typeallows/disallows the changing of mob spawners to specific types of mobs (in the link)
spawnerexp.spawnerexpallows/disallows experience from mobs spawned from player-placed spawners
spawnerexp.spawnerdropsallows/disallows drops from mobs spawned from player-placed spawners
spawnerexp.use.survival.*enables/disables the normal use of eggs in survival mode
spawnerexp.use.creative.*enables/disables the normal use of eggs in creative mode
spawnerexp.drop.ironbarsenables/disables the dropping of iron bars
spawnerexp.drop.expenables/disables the dropping of exp from spawners
spawnerexp.drop.eggenables/disables eggs dropping from spawners
spawnerexp.drop.spawnerenables/disables spawners from dropping from natural spawners (dropSpawnerOnBreak must be enabled in the configuration for this permission to take effect)
spawnerexp.drop.*enables/disables all drops from a spawner
spawnerexp.use.survival.eggenables/disables the normal use of eggs in survival mode
spawnerexp.use.creative.eggenables/disables the normal use of eggs in creative mode


disableInCreativeModedisables or enables all drops in creative mode
disableSpawnerCraftingenables/disables spawner crafting entirely
dropSpawnerOnBreakenables/disables a spawner drop when you break a natural spawner (to be able to get spawners if you disable spawner crafting)
spawnerExpMinthe lowest amount of experience dropped when a spawner is broken
spawnerExpMaxthe maximum amount of experience dropped when a spawner is broken
dropSpawnerTypeEggwhether or not to drop an egg of the spawner's type from a natural spawner (non-blank mob eggs are not able to be crafted into other types of eggs)
usePermissionswhether or not to use permissions. If disabled, all players can do everything. This is enabled by default.


The commands for SpawnerEXP are only run from the console.

spawnerexp purge
Removes all player spawners from the database. This will cause them to behave like natural spawners
spawnerexp dump
Lists all spawners (e.g. "(X: 223, Y: 64, Z: -141) of type Spider")
spawnerexp reload
Reloads the configuration.

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  • Add the ability to disable or enable the use of permissions
  • Add a configuration option to disable experience from monsters from spawners (and/or a permission node)

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