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What is SpawnerAdjuster? It allows Monster Spawners to be utilized in various fashions, but it has 3 primary functions.

# Allow what is spawned by the spawner to be changed by simply clicking on it. # Force the spawner to do its thing by feeding it a redstone signal # Allow a spawner to be moved by simple breaking it.

Why create a this mod? Surly one exists already!

Yes, indeed. I saw 2 actually. However they both lacked a chunk of things I wanted. 1 had permissions support but requires /commands to work with a spawner, and I believe a player should never have to resort to the / key. The other one, while allowing interaction with just clicking was not up to date with 1.8 and the author said "6 weeks" before he update it. No, no I'll write my own, thank you.

-----Enough about why, lets talk about how-----

The config.yml can be found in your server's plugin folder, in the directory "SpanwerAdjuster'. An explanation of all the settings in it can be found at

I like to think the permissions are straight foward. Only SuperPermissions are supported. Permission nodes can be found at


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