Announcement: SpawnControl Discontinued

I've been in communication with morganm, creator of an advanced fork (well beyond a fork at this point, actually) of SpawnControl: HomeSpawnPlus. Based on my initial testing of HSP, and comparison of feature sets, I'm going to recommend that existing SpawnControl users switch to HSP. HSP can import existing SpawnControl home, spawn, and group spawn information. It also supports many of the advanced features SC users have been requesting for a while: world forwarding, command warmups, bed support, etc. Permissions, GroupManager and PEX are supported, as well as limited OP permissions.

Given the limited development time at my disposal, and the existence of a superior (and compatible) alternative, it makes more sense for myself and the SpawnControl userbase to switch. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you have questions about the conversion process, feel free to direct them to myself or morganm. If you have concerns or complaints, direct them to me. :)


  • Per-player /home and /sethome
  • Per-group /groupspawn
  • Precise /spawn and /setspawn override
  • Per-world global, group, and player spawns
  • [NEW] Cooldowns for /home, /sethome, /groupspawn, and /spawn
  • Optional respawn on death
  • Optional respawn on join
  • Toggles for home, groupspawn, and globalspawn features
  • Imports player homes from
  • Imports group spawns from


This is a more full-featured release by far. Group spawns and global spawn are now supported. I'm detecting 'new' players (for global spawn) by checking their group (new players will be in Default) and looking for an existing home entry. If no home entry is found, the player will be teleported to the global spawn and their home will be set to the global spawn location. If someone has a better method for detecting this, I'd love to hear it.

The following permissions are available:

  • SpawnControl.sethome.basic
  • SpawnControl.sethome.proxy
  • SpawnControl.home.basic
  • SpawnControl.spawn.use
  • SpawnControl.spawn.set
  • SpawnControl.groupspawn.use
  • SpawnControl.groupspawn.set
  • SpawnControl.CooldownExempt.* (Sub-nodes: *, home, sethome, groupspawn, spawn)
  • SpawnControl.config (for /sc_config [setting] [value])
  • SpawnControl.import (for /scimportconfig and /scimportgroupconfig)


The Permissions (Phoenix) fork by TheYeti is optionally supported.

The PermissionsBukkit plugin by SpaceManiac is optionally supported.


  • Download SpawnControl.jar and place it in your bukkit plugins folder
  • Optional Installation Steps (for Permissions support):

    • Download the Permissions plugin and install it
    • Add SpawnControl entries to your Permissions config as desired


  • /spawn - go to global spawn
  • /setspawn - set the global spawn to your current location
  • /home - go home
  • /sethome - set your home to your current location
  • /groupspawn - go to your group spawn
  • /setgroupspawn [group] - set the group spawn for the specified group to your current location
  • /sc_config [setting] [value] - alter a configuration setting


  • enable_home - Enables or disables /home and /sethome (0 = disabled; 1 = enabled) [Default: 1]
  • enable_groupspawn - Enables or disables /setgroupspawn and /groupspawn (0 = disabled; 1= enabled) [Default: 1]
  • enable_globalspawn - Enables or disables /setspawn, /spawn, and /globalspawn (0 = disabled; 1 = enabled) [Default: 1]
  • behavior_death - Specifies the behavior when a player dies (0 = disabled - user returns to vanilla spawn; 1 = home; 2 = group spawn; 3 = global spawn) [Default: 3]
  • behavior_join - Specifies the behavior when a player joins the server (0 = disabled - user spawns at last position; 1 = home; 2 = group spawn; 3 = global spawn) [Default: 0]
  • behavior_spawn - Specifies the behavior of the /spawn command (0 = global spawn; 1 = group spawn; 2 = home)
  • behavior_globalspawn - EXPERIMENTAL - Specifies the behavior when setting spawn (0 = does not override map spawn, 1 = overrides map spawn)
  • cooldown_home [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /home command
  • cooldown_sethome [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /sethome command
  • cooldown_groupspawn [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /groupspawn command
  • cooldown_spawn [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /spawn and /globalspawn commands


Source Code on GitHub


  • 0.1 - First Bukkit release. Basic /home and /sethome support
  • 0.2 - Group and global spawns, Permissions integration
  • 0.3 - Working respawn on death; respawn on join (optional); configuration options
  • 0.4 - Updated to use new OnCommand system
  • 0.5 - Now uses PLAYER_RESPAWN; added basic multiworld support; added experimental (optional) globalspawn behavior; added missing /globalspawn command
  • 0.6 - Proper multi-world support with per-world spawns
  • 0.7 - Added command cooldowns; Permissions is now optional
  • 0.8 - Fixed multiworld spawns; recompiled against CB #617; removed deprecated method calls
  • 0.8.1 - Updated deprecated world loading method; tweaked spawn log message
  • 0.8.2 - Switched cooldown time handling from server time to system time
  • 0.8.3 - Added Hidendra's native Bukkit permissions pull
  • 0.8.5 - Added Hidendra's pull for fixed package naming; Added phrstbrn's pull for SuperPerms; updated for MC 1.0.0


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