This plugin allows you, as an op or permissioned player, to spawn any mob, item, effect, or other entity in any quantity, for ANY reason whatsoever, and customize them extensively using parameters. Players can also be directly manipulated using this plugin. From enderman rockets to raining flaming cows to ghast-ly timebombs to phantom diamonds to creepy chickens that follow you around...the possibilities are endless.


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  • Spawn entities at specified spot with extensive customizations
    • Angry/powered (super creepers/werewolves, etc)
    • Bouncy (for projectiles)
    • Colored (sheep)
    • on Fire
    • Health
    • Little (baby mobs)
    • Mount (saddled pigs)
    • Naked (sheared sheep, player w/o armor)
    • Passenger
      • Spawn a skeleton riding a minecart, or a cow riding a chicken...riding a player...riding a boat...on fire. You get the idea.
    • Size (slimes)
    • Target (attack/nuzzling)
    • Velocity
  • Teleport and manipulate players
    • Make them ride animals (or each other)
    • Light them on fire
    • Make them ride an enderman rocket to the moon
    • Detach "stuck" players from passengers (e.g. boats) by spawning them to a location
  • Spawn Items
    • Only safe IDs may be used, numbers are automatically checked against Bukkit's enums.
    • Stacks can be created in any amount, even over 64
    • Phantom items can be created, that cannot be picked up (trolling players with fake diamonds...)
  • Kill entities according to above filters and radius
    • Kill selections of entities (only electric creepers, only wolfs owned by a certain player, etc)
    • Kill by default does not kill owned animals or naked animals.
    • Can be run from console in case the server is lagging from too many entities
  • Automatic configuration of new creatures
    • If Notch releases a new mob or item type, you can spawn it without waiting for an update from me!
    • A configuration file alias will automatically be created the first time a new entity is spawned
    • Guards against (some) exceptions by disabling entities that throw them
  • Aliases
    • Randomly select from configurable lists of entities to spawn
    • Allow default parameters (e.g. supercreeper is the same as creeper/a, werewolf is wolf/a)
  • Administration/Permissions
    • Per-entity Permissions support for Vault and whatever other Permissions plugins Vault supports
    • Per-parameter Permissions support as well (e.g. some players should not be trusted with fire, naked players, etc...)
    • Reload configuration on the fly (server reloads not necessary)
    • Run kill commands and kill item commands from console to reduce lag
    • Specify your own aliases, along with default parameters and multiple entities to randomly select from


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