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  • Updated to CB 1.5.1-R0.1
  • Added a feature to automagically reload the config file if it does not match that of the current version (configurable).
  • Revamped the configuration file
  • Rewrote SparkPlayer to include fireworks without the need for an extra command.
  • Remove the 'blood' effect as it is a duplicate of the redstone block break effect.
  • Remove the 'death' effect due to entity issues and not working properly.
  • Effects can now be played in different ways (configurable in the config.yml)
  • Improved block break command - now accepts both item ids of blocks and the string type e.g. /spark block 46
  • SparkTrail now keeps track of all item drops for the item drop effect
  • Fixed item drops not despawning when the server is restarted.
  • Added Potion Swirl effects for SparkMob! :D
  • Fixed an error with the auto-updater
  • Added console support for SparkPlayer (/spark player <effect>)
  • Fixed an error with the wrong messages being sent when activating effects in SparkMob
  • Brought back the /sparkblock loc command
  • Fixed a permissions issue


  • Fixed error on startup (changelog.yml)


  • Fixed the fire effect not working when activated from the SparkMenu
  • Fixed errors being logged to the console when a player with an active effect logs off.


  • Updated to CB 1.4.7-R1.0
  • Completely REDESIGNED SparkBlock. Now supports Location Data Saving! Check the Usage page for info on how to use the new SparkBlock commands.
  • SparkBlock now takes intervals in the command. NOTE: An interval of 0 now means that the effect is permanent. Other intervals must be manually started using /sparkblock start.
  • Added a block.yml file for the new SparkBlock setup.
  • Prepared support for new blocks in CB 1.5 for Block Break effects.
  • Fixed ItemDrop effects not working in SparkBlock.
  • Fixed Potion Break effects not working in SparkBlock.
  • Enhanced SparkBlock and SparkMob effect methods to reduce startup time.
  • Fixed effects not disabling when the server was reloaded.
  • Removed the ocelot in the hearts effect (may show occasionally with lag).
  • Updated the messages.yml file to support the new SparkBlock setup
  • Added a configuration option for changing the rate at which Rainbow Potion Swirl colours are changed.
  • Added permissions to automatically activate effects on login.
  • Added customisable effects for onPlayerDeath and onPlayerRespawn. This feature will be removed when SparkScript is released.
  • Added SparkSound Group login effects based on Permission Groups (REQUIRES VAULT INSTALLED).
  • Added a Change Log file for reference.


  • Updated to CB 1.4.7-R0.2
  • Fixed entity-related effects not working in 1.4.7.
  • Fixed SparkMob issues.
  • Added SparkSound (Request by thomasmccarron).


  • Added SparkMob for applying particle effects to mobs (/sparkmob)
  • Added Firework Effect support for SparkBlock.
  • Fixed the SparkBlock Wand not working.
  • Fixed /sparkfw remove not working.
  • Fixed a few issues where the plugin was sending incorrect messages.
  • Removed a few small hints of future updates :P


  • Updated to CB 1.4.6 R0.3
  • Improved the Firework Effect so that it plays the effect at the player's location instead of above.
  • Added support for enabling SparkFireworks on other players: /sparkfw player <player-name> <args>.
  • Changed the player command syntax to: /spark player <player-name> <args>.


  • Added a customisable messages.yml file.
  • Shortened the code dramatically by combining the 'other' effects into a single group instead of one for each.
  • Added separate permissions for all potion swirl effects (sparktrail.swirl.<color>).
  • Fixed the prevention of the diamond blockid effect
  • Fixed the SparkBlock Blood effect randomly escalating after begin applied… :P
  • Added the SparkFireworks feature!!! (/sparkfw).
  • Raised the location of the SparkBlock Item Drop to above the target block.
  • Fixed the Concurrent Modification Exception when editing SparkBlock effects (Reported by @shankomaster).
  • Fixed squids dropping Ink Sacs for the death effect (Reported by @thomasmccarron).


  • Updated to CB 1.4.6-R0.1 (This version only works with 1.4.6).
  • Added a configuration file (see the "Config" page for info on what each option changes).
  • Added PluginMetrics for tracking and sending plugin statistics to (Opt out in the PluginMetrics folder if you do not wish to send information to
  • Added the "death" effect - /spark death
  • Added the /spark player command for activating effects on other players with prevention for offline players and invalid effect arguments.
  • Fixed an internal error that results from an invalid or incorrectly spelt potion color when using /spark potion <color>.
  • Prevented usage of certain block effects that previously crashed the Minecraft client.
  • Slowed down the block break effect timer to reduce the lag produced by multiple players using the effect. This interval is configurable in the configuration file.
  • Changed the block id command to /spark blockid <string>. The types can now be found by using /spark list blockid.
  • Added the SparkMenu package - Use /sparkmenu to access an inventory interface for selecting effects.
  • Added the SparkBlock package for adding effects to blocks - Use /sparkblock for help on usage of the SparkBlock command or see the "SparkBlock" page. And no, I cannot add potion swirls for blocks as the effect uses Entity Metadata.
  • Added a wand (configurable in the config file - default '399') for SparkBlock - Right click on a block to check the activated effect and disable it.
  • Some bug fixes in the main package to do with effects and messages.


  • Added a new array of particle effects! Introducing.....the ITEM DROP Sparks. Use /spark itemdrop <item-id> to activate!!!
  • Changed the potion effect syntax from /spark bluepotion to /spark potion <color>.
  • Fixed some permissions issues.


  • Fixed the block break effect and rainbow potion swirl effect.
  • Changed the code so that the rainbow potion swirl effect and block break effects can be in the same plugin together :D.
  • More minor bug fixes


  • Added the "rainbow" potion swirl effect (/spark swirl rainbow)
  • Fixed the permissions issue
  • Block break effects are now disabled until fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • A whole lot of other bug fixes that I cannot remember...


  • Added 'blood' and 'explosion' effects.
  • Added 14 colored potion swirl effects.
  • Added PERMISSIONS for each effect.
  • Added support for all block break effects (/spark blocked <id>). This is very buggy and does not work entirely yet. It is a work in progress. Use at your own risk.
  • Cleaned up the code so that it is easier to read and add new effects.
  • Fixed bug where the play rate for effects would increase when being played for multiple players.


  • Added 'flame' effect.


  • First proper version ready for release. Please report any bugs in the current version.


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