SpamGuard's story is finished, thanks for the support!

Thanks to everyone who used the plugin and provided valuable feedback during its development. Someday we may return...

SpamGuard's purpose is to prevent spam through the use of real-time chat monitoring. SpamGuard uses methods such as message cooldowns, blacklist checking, and more to prevent spam. Featuring several configurable options, SpamGuard is an excellent way to keep your server's chat clean of spam.

How does SpamGuard detect spam?

  • Word blacklisting
  • Message & Command cooldowns
  • Caps lock & Symbol detection
  • Repetitive message detection
  • More coming soon!

How does SpamGuard prevent spam?

  • SpamGuard features a message cooldown time (configurable), so if a spam bot comes on, you won't even see 90% of the spam!
  • A Command cooldown time will prevent spamming of commands like "/me" to bypass a normal message-only spam filter.
  • If a player is flagged for sending spam-like messages, they are given a warning. If a player receives 3 (configurable) warnings, they will be kicked from the game.
  • If a player is kicked 3 (configurable) times, they will be auto-banned. SpamGuard now uses its own banning system, so it won't conflict with other ban-changing plugins.


  • Custom cooldown setting to prevent a player from sending more than 1 message or command per 0.25 (configurable) seconds.
  • Kicks spambots within milliseconds.
  • Only 1 message from a spambot will enter the chat, not 15+
  • Warning feature that tracks how many times a player has been flagged for spam.
  • Auto-Kick will automatically remove a player from the game if they have received a specific number of warnings.
  • Caps Lock detection will determine the percentage of upper-caps letters in a message, and flag it if it contains a high enough percentage.
  • Symbol detection prevents the overusage of symbols, like: "*&^#*^&[email protected]*#^&[email protected]*^&#"
  • Word filtering will check every message against a defined list of blacklisted words, and flag the message if it contains a blacklisted word.
  • Message repeat detection will compare a player's message to their previous message, and flag it if the message is repeated a certain number of times.
  • Flagged messages will not be seen in the chat, and the sender will receive a warning as well as a description of the rule broken.
  • Stealth mode will prevent a user from ever knowing that SpamGuard is installed, provided that you hide your /plugins list.

How to remove the /sg alias from SpamGuard

Follow the tutorial here:

Translations | Localization

Help translate SpamGuard into your language with this page:

Approved translations will be posted below, simply download them and replace the /SpamGuard/messages.txt with the translation you downloaded. Restart your server, and players should get the messages defined in the file.

Finished Translations

Note: Translations are submitted by other users on Bukkit dev, and are not guaranteed to be accurate.

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