SourceBans MC

Integrating SourceBans into Bukkit

If you have multiple Minecraft servers and would like have a simple solution for ban recording and cross server ban syncing. This is the plugin, a continuation of the open source EhBans

With SourceBansMC it allows you to simply register who banned, when they were banned, the reason, how long to ban them for and any previous bans that the user has had.

The integration with SourceBans is currently one-way it does not currently properly register the server as on-line, but I am working on the fix for that.


  • Save your bans in a page of SourceBans
  • Saves the players that have been blocked, ex; those who tried to enter and had banned
  • Saves the IP of player, making a history of the ban - Util to see if a player has entered in the account of another


  • Proper both way SourceBans integration.
  • Ability to add translations

Commands and permissions

  • /ban [player] [time] [reason] - This command replaces the Vanilla ban command - sourcebans.ban
  • /kick [player] <reason> - Kick the player from the server - sourcebans.kick
  • /unban [player] [reason] - Set the ban in SourceBans as unbanned and allow them on the servers - sourcebans.unban
  • /sourcebans - Show the main help for the plugin - sourcebans.sourcebans


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