''Great for your pvp/rpg server. Never lose your godsword again!''


This plugin allows you to bind/unbind items to your soul. If you bind an item, it won't disappear and won't drop after dead. This plugin is great for PvP-Servers, so the user can bind a custom amount of items. This plugin was created for a Request in the forums.



If you use the 'bind' command, this item will keep bound if you die and when you disconnect. When you die, you will keep the binded items and won't drop them. You will lose and drop all the items that are not bound. If an item is bound you see a purple description of the item, which says 'Bound'. All the items which are bound will be resetted (unbound) after a restart/reload of the server. You can not drop or store the items. We can't enable these two futures because this will lead to a duplication clitch.


  • /bind - Binds an item which is currently in your hand until you unbind it. •Aliases: ''/sb'' and ''/soul''
  • /unbind - unbinds an item which is currently in your hand and got bound before. •Aliases: ''/sub'' and ''/unsoul''


In the config.yml you can set 2 amount of values for the maxium amount of bounds you can use with that permissions. There is also a ''allowCreative'' setting in the config.yml. If set to false no one can use Soulbind in creative mode.


  • soulbind.bind - description: Allows you to bind an item.
  • soulbind.unbind - description: Allows you to unbind an item.
  • soulbind.maxvalue1 - description: Allows you to use maxvalue1 in the config.yml.
  • soulbind.maxvalue2 - description: Allows you to use maxvalue2 in the config.yml.


Upcoming updates

Version 1.4:

  • New Command ''/unbindall''. This command will let you unbind all your bounds. You don't have to keep a bounded item in your hand.
  • Bug fixes
  • Pay for it! Ability to set a price to soulbind items, so users have to pay for items they want to bind themselves.
  • Lasting binds. Now you can configurate how many deaths a binded item will last.


If you wish any futures or found a bug, just tell me, I try to add/fix it then.


Remember that plugin developing takes time and it's a volunteer job. If you like the Soulbind Plugin please donate. There is a donation button in the upper right corner of this website.



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